What Is An Informational Capsule?

The information capsule is an informative segment with a variety of useful topics of public interest, whose function is to disseminate current information. For example, there may be an information capsule on how to protect yourself against a virus, on safe ways to drive or on how to use a particular technology.

The information capsules are small fragments of videos or text that educate on a particular topic, with easy-to-understand information and aimed at a particular audience.

The topics that are presented in the information capsules are previously prepared and selected to be published by means of a written text, videos, images or by means of audios.

The information capsules interrupt a program that is airing during its normal hours, in order to briefly report on an urgent topic that may be important to people.

Characteristics of an information capsule

The informative capsules are characterized by having a precise and brief content with totally real data, and have a duration of 1 to 3 minutes.

To develop the information for an informative capsule, it is important to take into account the following elements:

Order of data

The information on the topic that will be developed in an informative capsule must be through data collected and carefully arranged.

Reliable sources

The informative capsules must have reliable information, therefore the data must be extracted from reliable and valid sources.

Topics to talk about

The topics used for an information capsule can be educational, entertainment messages, social problems, among others.

Topics can be classified into: spoken information, written information, religious information, cultural information, humanistic information, and scientific information.


It is the medium that will be used to share or broadcast the information of an informative capsule. The data can be shared through images, videos, audios, texts and photos.

Objectives and principles of an information capsule

The purpose of these information capsules is to disseminate important information.

They have a great level of utility to contribute to people’s knowledge and learning.

The informative capsules have clear, brief, truthful, varied and useful information. With these techniques of objectives and principles, it is possible to facilitate a better and faster understanding of the information.

The information must be published in electronic formats, making it easier for users to share the information transmitted by the information capsule.


In conclusion, the information capsules are a new way of providing knowledge and keeping the users of the media informed.

These capsules are transmitted in a fast way through a variety of elements that are aimed at the female or male public, adult, youth, children and the general public.


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