What Is A Proof Of Employment? (with Examples)

A proof of employment , also called a proof of employment, is a document that confirms a person’s current or former employment status. Employees usually request it from their companies in order to provide information to a potential contractor, a government agent or a bank, among others.

For example, a bank may ask for a proof of work to make a decision about making a loan, or a potential employer may verify the dates of previous jobs and your salary.

Government agencies can look for a record to request a wage garnishment, although most requests for these records come from people interested in hiring the individual and from lending agencies or landlords.

Commonly, labor certificates are requested to verify the job status, job titles and salaries of the population.

Many times a job posting includes employment history, past job addresses, salary growth, and a summary of occupational performance.

How to request a proof of work?

A proof of employment letter is usually typed on a computer using a standard form with the company name and logo.

If a person is interested in requesting proof from a former or current employer, it is important that they request the letter in a professional manner.

You must first go to the human resources department; Each company has its own policy, but generally the employee must authorize their history to be published.

Many times the same human resources department makes the letter. If this is not the case, your duty is to give the employee the necessary format that can prepare it in the correct way.

Another option is to ask your supervisor or manager directly. In this case, the employee must offer a sample letter or format so that the supervisor can guide himself.

Either way, the employee must provide all the necessary information that needs to be included in the proof of work, including who it should be addressed to and exactly what details need to be included.


The official business letter format must be followed. Therefore it is necessary to include the contact information at the top, the date and the contact information of the person to whom it is addressed. A salutation should also be provided at the beginning and a handwritten signature at the end.

These records should not be long; no extra information such as an evaluation of the employee’s work should be added.

Most records include the person’s name, their department within the company and / or specific title, and the amount of time they have been on the job.

But some records can include a person’s salary, and how often they are paid: monthly, weekly, bi-monthly, among others, and how many hours a week they work. No other detail should be included unless required.

At the end of the record, the possibility to answer any additional questions should be offered.

Some form of contact should also be provided (such as a phone number or an email) so that the person to whom the letter is addressed can contact the sender.

In short, the basis of a proof of work should be:

1- Information and contact of the managing company

2- Information of the interested party (name, NIF) and work performed (director, assistant, assistant)

3- Start and end date of the contract

4- Date of preparation of the proof of work and signature of the grantor (manager of the company).

5- Data of the grantor’s company.

Cases in which a proof of work can be useful

The proof of work serves to stipulate your employment status and, therefore, your economic status. In some contexts it is necessary to know your salary options, being an example of this:

– Request for a mortgage loan.

– Application for scholarships and social aid.

– Availability of accessing a home purchase or rental.

– Receipt to be able to evade any responsibility.

– Prove your current salary to the possible job offer of a new company.

Examples of standard work records

Nanny job certificate

To the person concerned,

It is made known that Jimena Reyes, with NIF 45300210103P and resident in Guadalajara, has provided her services as a home nanny at the address of Trashumaca street 23, Guadalajara, 44960 during a period of six months between July 15, 2019 and July 15 January 2020.

During his stay, he proved to be a responsible, hard-working person and very careful with the children (3,6 and 7 years old respectively) of the Pedrote-Sánchez family.

Send you a cordial greeting,

Mr. Adriano Manuel Pedrote de los Santos.

Proof of teaching work

Address of the San Bernardo de Cádiz Private School,

Mr. Benito Fernández de Ribera, as director of the school, states that the teacher Mr. Felipe Benjumea Navarrete, with ID 23 450 4411 30 Z, has been an adjunct professor at our institution since 2014.

During this time, Mr. Felipe Benjumea has shown an impeccable attitude at the level of quality required by the education provided at the school. Review that both the teaching staff, the students, and the management team have an excellent assessment of it.

For this reason, this document is issued letting you know that if you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact the school, where I will attend you personally.

Best regards,

Proof of health work

Management team of the Nervión Health Center

Avda. Esperanza, Santander 10200

To whom it May concern,

This document verifies that, as of February 23, 2020, Ms. Alba Dolores Pérez Flores occupies a permanent position as an Assistant Nursing Technician in our health center. Currently her full-time salary is that stipulated by the collective agreement.

If any other type of labor or economic document is required, contact the center’s management through the email or telephone number that appears at the end of the document.

Dr. D. Antonio Carrasco Manchego, director of the Nervión Health Center.

Restaurant work certificate

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, August 11, 2020.

Grupo Ovejas Blancas SL

The manager of the restaurant Morning meal states that:

Ms. Helena Campanario de Velasco currently works in our establishment as a waitress, and has been doing it since January 2011. 

Helena is a meticulous person with her work and always shows a positive attitude in any circumstance. After almost a decade with us, we can show our total confidence in her and her daily work.

This proof of work is issued to help the interested party in his decision.


Reyes Hiniesta Valle, manager of The Morning Food.

Proof of public relations work

Dear Sir / Madam:

The purpose of this letter is to verify the occupation of the employee.

Employee name: Susana Pacheco.

Identity document number: 000-000-00

Date of Birth: 06/09/86

The employee Susana Pacheco is an employee of the XYX Company.

Employment Date: January 22, 2011, to present.

Position: public relations specialist.

Current salary: $ 62,000 a year, plus a potential quarterly bonus based on your performance.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need additional information that is not included in this letter,


(Signature of authorized employee)

HR department

Proof of seller’s work

Dear Mrs. Del Valle

In response to your request for verification of employment from Carlos Masri, please know that I am the owner of Grama X, a wholesale import company.

I hired Mr. Masri for a dual purpose. He is a member of my sales team from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each week, working on commission in that capacity.

He also knows a lot about computers, so I use his services as a consultant on Monday and Tuesday of each week, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm; in that capacity his salary is $ 20 an hour.

His employment began in March 2012 and continues to this day. To date, his performance and attitude have been exemplary.

If you need any other information, do not hesitate to tell me.


Mr. Pablo Dresden (phone: 736-12342)

Proof of work of account manager

Date: December 2017

To GDF Bank

I can confirm that Elena Smith has been employed at Camera Tech since April 2013, and is currently the Account Manager.

This position consists of searching for buyers and selling the largest video cameras. Ms. Smith holds this position full time and earns an annual salary of $ 75,000, plus bonuses. She has no disciplinary record.

I hope this is enough information to help the bank in its loan approval process. If you require anything else, please contact me at 786-98000.


Margaret Toledo

HR department.

Proof of customer service work

Holly tennant

HR department

Tennant & Associates

88, Alcorta Avenue

August 17, 2017

To: NOP Bank

To whom it May concern,

This letter is to verify that Vanessa Green is employed with Tennant & Associates as a customer service representative.

Vanessa has been our employee for the past two years. She is currently a full-time employee with compensation of $ 33,000 a year.

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding Vanessa’s work. You can contact me by phone at 090-5645363 or by email: [email protected]


Holly tennant

Manager’s work certificate

Gabriel Val

IT department

TRF Investments

October 2017

Eduardo Chen

Technology Manager

FRD Illustrations

Dear Mr. Chen

This letter fulfills the duty of verifying that Teresa Thompson was employed at Inversiones TRF from April 4, 2010 to November 17, 2015.

If you require any additional information regarding Teresa, please feel free to contact me at 7657654.


(Signature by hand)

Gabriel Val


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