The Whisperers (the Walking Dead): History, Members

The Whisperers, also known as The Whisperers  in their English version, are an antagonistic group of people who dominate the walkers (the walkers) and uses their skins to camouflage themselves and go unnoticed among them. [ ATTENTION – spoilers ].

They are part of the regular comic series The walking dead and they are survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They present themselves as villains trying to stay hidden among the zombies in order to attack their human enemies.

The name given to them is due to their way of communicating through whispers to avoid being overheard by other humans. Whispering to each other and wearing dead skin with a putrid smell of flesh and blood, these people live among the undead and slaughter any group of survivors that crosses their path; they act like real savages.

In the comics, The Whisperers appear for the first time in issue number 130. Specifically, when in flight from an encounter with walkers Ken and Marco (two of the protagonists of the saga) hide in a ditch at the edge of the road and manage to pass unnoticed.

Hidden and watching them go by, they hear the walkers speak through whispers pronouncing “Where are they?” (Where are they?). They really heard were The Whisperers. In the TV series, Ken and Marco are replaced by Eugene and Rosita.


As a way to defend themselves against the brutalities that threatened the world after the zombie apocalypse, a group of humans came together to apply survival strategies together. 

His strategy consisted of devising a clothing made with the skin of walkers (zombies) and joining the hordes of the undead to go unnoticed among them.

This group was led from the beginning by Alpha, a woman who became an unforgiving, insensitive, and strong person after having lived through terrible experiences since the apocalypse. 

Alpha has a daughter named Lydia, both of whom survived many critical situations. However, although Alpha always tries to protect her daughter, she thinks that she has become one more undead because of her mother’s indifference.


The Whisperers decided to leave their identities behind, being one of their rules not to have any name, thus they intend to adapt to their new life and become stronger. 

The way of life they took made them turn into savages who did not wait to kill whoever crossed their path.

Their survival tactic, in addition to camouflaging themselves with the skins of the undead, consisted of being nomads and never separating. If the situation demanded it, they stayed in pairs, but never alone. 

They always had the walkers around them as protectors, to the point of finding pleasant the smell and the strange sounds that they emitted.

The First Meeting (Season # 9)

Venturing in the woods, looking for a place to install a device to improve the communication signal, Rosita and Eugene found a herd of walkers who wanted to attack them. 

They immediately escape in search of shelter and reach a ditch on the road where they hide and try to camouflage themselves with mud. When they saw the herd pass they noticed something very strange: for the first time they heard the walkers whispering.

After that moment, they run to another place and Rosita shelters Eugene inside a barn while she tries to get help; in the midst of terror they hear the creatures whispering among themselves for the second time.

Eugene stays in the barn and Daryl, Jesus and Aaron started looking for him. When they found him, he told them in an alert tone that the walkers were chasing them and that they were also whispering; they all began to believe that the creatures had evolved.

The chase was still going on, the group was forced to fight the walkers, but luckily they were rescued by Michonne, Magna and Yumiko. When they left the place they observed how a traveler killed Jesus with a sword; then they discovered that they were masked people.

Members of The Whisperers

In total there are nine members that make up the group, among which are Alpha, Beta, Lydia and Gamma, being some of the most prominent.


She is the leader of the group and mother of Lydia. She is characterized by being a cunning, cruel and sociopathic woman who maintains a strict and savage leadership.

She enjoys having the power before those of her group, and is strong and tough to avoid trying to remove her from her place. She is a cold woman, even with her daughter, whom she asked not to call her mother, but Alpha.

Alpha physically and emotionally abused her daughter on several occasions, but not directly, as she allowed others to mistreat and rape her. Despite deep concern for her daughter, she has grown into a ruthless and savage woman capable of killing anyone. 


He is the second in command of The Whisperers, an aggressive and mysterious person. He strictly obeys all of Alpha’s rules, and always protects him like a bodyguard.

Beta is a dangerous man who, after Alpha’s death, becomes even more aggressive. He’s very tall, and unlike the other whisperers, he doesn’t wear a full fur suit, which is probably because he can’t find a walker as long as he is.

He only wears a mask that he never takes off, not even being among his group, if someone tries to take it off he will be at risk of being killed.


Alpha’s daughter is a cunning girl like her mother. She has become very harsh due to the trauma she has suffered during her youth from the physical and psychological abuse that her mother has caused her.

Initially she believed her father was abusive and her mother protective, but while spending time as a Hilltop prisoner she realized that her mother told her that she loved her and that mistreatment was to strengthen her as a way to keep her with her. 


She is a loyal girl. After saving Alpha’s life, she became the third in command of The Whisperers. She is a faithful follower of her leader and firmly believes in each of the behaviors her group has as a way to survive.


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