The 6 Most Popular Apurimac Typical Dishes

The typical dishes of Apurimac are found daily on the tables of the region. Families usually cook and offer their delicacies to travelers or tourists who visit them.

Among the typical delicacies, homemade breads are never lacking in meals. Its varieties are grid, tarapacos, avocados and threads. The typical ingredients in the main dishes are the products of the area. Potatoes, chili peppers, guinea pig, lamb and corn are part of the diet of the people of the region.

As in all of Peru, in Apurimac the variety of dishes is surprising. The characteristics of this area are the huatía, the potato and egg dish, the chicharrones, the stuffed guinea pig, the chicken stew and the house noodles, among others.

The traditional drinks to accompany these dishes are chicha and punch.

The most typical dishes of the Apurimac gastronomy

1- Huatía

It is a preparation that carries the flavor of Mother Earth and is related to the harvest. It is considered indigenous food, and the Spaniards and Creoles were not used to consuming it. But the most remote communities continued with the unique custom.

These are potatoes cooked in an oven made in the land. For its preparation, a hole is dug into which firewood is introduced that is lit to heat the hole red hot.

When that temperature is reached, the firewood is removed, the potatoes are introduced, the potatoes and they are covered with soil. After half an hour, it is scratched and the potatoes are removed. They are served with cheese and sweet potato prepared with water and salt.

2- Cancacho

The name comes from Quechua and means “roast lamb.” Although it is not very popular, it is one of the tastiest dishes in Peruvian cuisine.

It is lamb marinated in a preparation of black beer, panca peppers, garlic, cumin and salt.

After having rested in the preparation for several hours, the lamb is cooked in the oven. Then it is cut into pieces and served with chili peppers and potatoes.

3- Chairo apurimeño

Chairo blends indigenous and Spanish cuisine by incorporating beef or pork. Llama or alpaca meat is also often used . 

Chairo means soup in the Aymara language. It is a kind of stew or stew prepared with onion, pumpkin, beef, wheat, lamb, mutton, potatoes, carrots, celery, corn and beans.

Chuño puree and spices are added. It is served in a deep plate and is served with toasted beans.

4- Chuño Qapchi

To prepare the qapchi, the chuño (dehydrated potato) is soaked overnight and then cooked over low heat. It is drained and mixed with a preparation of onion, tomato, eggs and cheese.

It is used as a garnish for other main dishes such as noodles, boiled potatoes or chicken stew.

5- stuffed guinea pig

The cuy or cuis, guinea pig or guinea pig, is a traditional dish and of great importance in the Peruvian table.

The typical Apurimac stuffed guinea pig is seasoned with garlic, huacatay, cumin, salt and pepper. It is stuffed with the minced giblets, onion, garlic and cumin, all cooked. Once filled, the guinea pig is fried in oil.

6- pork rinds

They are made with pork cut into prey and marinated with onions, mint, lemon, salt and oil. It is customary to serve it with corn, potato, parboiled potato or mote.


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