The 38 Best Phrases Of Blood For Blood

The phrases of Blood for Blood are full of violent and satirical references. Blood for blood is a film released in 1993, also known as Blood in, blood out , in English. This movie was directed by Taylor Hackford.

The play is about a prison drama that tells the life of three Hispanic men living in the same neighborhood named Miklo, Cruz and Paco.

The film had a great production for the moment, as well as an exceptional plot.

Most outstanding phrases of Blood for blood

– “Silver speaks, carnal!”

– “When a dog is on its back, it’s over.”

– “I say chale.”

– “Life is a risk, carnal.”

– “Where there is war there is opportunity.”

– “You bet money, you lost money, pay money.”

“” Tell those dudes to find a shade and cool down until I get back. “

– “You will be my stepfather, but not my commander.”

– “When you expect nothing and you get everything, that is destiny.”

– «Do you speak Spanish, güero? Also parakeets. “

– “To every mother, or a riot!”

– «I will be white on the outside, but I am dark on the inside, to the bone.»

– «I get this for being good.»

– “Chale, I only share my room and my TV with an old woman.”

– «I’m going to paint you, mija. I’m going to paint you as an Aztec princess. “

– “Blood for blood! You kill or you die.

– “Oh, but how do those blue eyes shine when he’s upset.”

– “You want to dance? You know the rhythm of threading and cutting, that one? “

– “I’m going to crush you like the fucking mosquito you are.”

– “The fair does not know color, carnal.”

– «You got into this game, gabacho. You better have five aces. “

– “Crazy dudes forever.”

– «Hey, Cinderella, go and get a friend, you’re late and midnight is approaching. You got the wrong man. “

– “I don’t shoot to warn, you bastard.”

– “I don’t want his chop, I want his life.”

– “Cocaine is America’s cup of coffee.”

– “I’m ready, waiting for my money, you bastard.”

– «You shouldn’t have done that to my brother, Cruzito. You know what I’m saying, jam?

– «Pervert and scoundrel, that’s the only way you always call me. What is my name? You bastard pervert?

– “Do you think you could use your brotherhood as well as a shot of tequila?”

– “Move, black, before I use your skin as a rug for my cell.”

– “And now, for my brown brothers: I’m sorry, there are no tortillas!”

– «Do you want to see who I am? Ah?

– «Hey, what do you hope you don’t get naked»

– «Pícale carnal, I want my plate»

– “Raise the defense a few inches … like your hook”

– «I’m going to give you the fucking face of Gasparin»

– «Hey Cinderella, white meat is not for sale»


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