The 35 Best Phrases Of Pelé

Here are the best phrases of Pelé , considered the best player in the history of football, winner of the 1958, 1962 and 1970 World Cups. Originally named Edson Arantes do Nascimento (born October 23, 1940), He was elected in 1999 World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). That same year, France Football asked the former Ballon d’Or winners to choose the Footballer of the Century, with Pelé winning.

Also in 1999, Pelé was named Athlete of the Century by the IOC. That year, Time named him on its list of the 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century. In 2013, he received the Golden Ball of honor in recognition of his career and achievements as a global soccer icon.

Pelé played professionally in Brazil for two decades, winning three World Cups, before joining the New York Cosmos for his career. You may also be interested in these phrases of athletes  or these football .

1-The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness of winning.

2-Everything is practical.

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3-If you are the first, you are the first. If you are the second, you are nothing.

4-If you do not educate people, it is easy to manipulate them.

5-You must respect people and work hard to be in shape. I used to train really hard. When other players went to the beach after training, I was hitting the ball.

 6-Wherever you go, there are three icons that everyone knows: Jesus Christ, Pele and Coca-Cola.

7-Pelé does not die. Pelé will never die. Pelé will continue forever.

8-A penalty is a cowardly way to score.

9-Brazil eats, sleeps and drinks soccer. Live football!

10-Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, study, sacrifice and, above all, love for what you are doing or learning to do.

11-People argue between Pelé or Maradona. Di Stéfano is the best, much more complete.

12-If I made a difference it was thanks to my education and my family base, that’s why I was never involved in scandals.

13-If I die one day, I will feel happy because I tried to do my best. My sport allowed me to do so much because it is the greatest sport in the world. 

14-Sport is something that is very inspiring for young people.

15-Enthusiasm is everything. It should be taut and vibrant like a guitar string.

16-My mother told me: «don’t play football. Your father played and got injured, and now he can’t support the family.

17-All my life I thank God. My family was very religious.

18-The rules of soccer are an education: equal and fair for all. 

19-I do not think I am a very good businessman. I act too much with my heart.

20-The World Cup is a very important way to measure good players. It is a test of a great player.

21-I was born for football like Beethoven for music.

22-When you play against dirty players or very tough players, it is easy to escape, because you know what they are going to do. But when the player is tough, but smart, it is much more difficult.

23-I represent Brazil all over the world. Wherever I go, I have to do my best not to disappoint the Brazilian people. 

24-I always think that I would have become an actor if I had not been a soccer player.

25-God gave me the gift of playing soccer, and I got the rest because he took care of me and prepared me.

26-To be a forward you need to be in good shape.

27-When you are young, you do a lot of stupid things.

28-He was a coward when he played. I was only worried about the evolution of my career.

29-The Brazilian people should be proud of what Pelé has done to promote and defend the country.

30-When I was a forward I always wanted to score. He cheered the crowd. But today Brazil has lost that will to have the ball and dominate the opponent.

31-The feeling of being retired is bad. I still dream that I am dribbling, scoring goals.

32-I miss the ball, the enthusiasm and energy in the stadium, the fight to get a good result, the joy and sadness in victory and defeat.

33-I will never be a football coach. I know that being a coach is complicated and I don’t want to complicate my life.

34-There will never be another Pelé. My father and mother closed the factory. I am unique and unrepeatable.

35-Maradona was an excellent player but unfortunately everyone can see what he has done with his life.

36-The only important header goal that Maradona scored was with his hand.

37-No individual can win a game by himself.

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