The 24 Best Phrases Of Bernardo Stamateas

The phrases Bernardo Stamateas seek to increase confidence in those who read. Bernardo Stamateas is a psychologist, lecturer and writer of Argentine nationality.

In his posts, he reveals many important phrases about social criticism, success, self-esteem, achievements, goals, envy, happiness, and other topics. His best known book is Toxic People .

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Best phrases of Bernardo Stamateas

– “You are only responsible for your decisions, not those of others”

– “The ‘no’ is necessary and we must learn to say it with peace”

– “Dreaming, projecting yourself and being a little better every day are the ingredients of a healthy self-esteem”

– «Never stop growing. Growing in intelligence will make you achieve goals, that you conquer. And growing in character will make everything you conquer you can enjoy »

– “I never get to a high place without going through a difficult place”

– “Do not tie yourself to those who are not happy with your successes”

– “Find things that do you good, but make sense for your tomorrow”

– «If you look at my success, look at my sacrifice too»

– “The complaint will make you stay where you are, patience will make you persevere to the end”

– «Don’t be a perfectionist, be excellent»

– “According to the size of your dream, it will be the size of your problems”

– «Try to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you don’t like»

– «There are people who are meters away from their dream, but mental miles from being able to conquer it»

– “The envious see the results, the intelligent the way to go to achieve them”

– “Having small victories prepare you for your next big victory”

– «Criticism is born from the inner malaise of the person who emits it and from the frustration he feels»

– “Selfish is not he who thinks of himself, but he who does not think of others”

– “Joining mediocre people is joining toxic people, without realizing that stale air enters through your pores and makes you sick”

– «The objective of the disqualifier is to control our self-esteem, make us feel nothing before others, so that in this way he can shine and be the center of the universe»

– «Trust is the faith that one places in oneself, it is action, it is movement, result, life. Confidence is conviction and certainty that everything that one sets out to achieve will be achieved »

– «Disregard the opinion of toxic people, be free from critics and you will be free from their every word and action. Don’t idealize. Do not expect anything from anyone”

– «The problem is not the failures but to resign. It does not matter if you fell, do not give up, get up, because you are going to extend to the right and left »

– “Many times we are not happy because we are busy trying to please others or taking on the wrong responsibilities that belong to third parties”

– «Fear wants to get you out of your dream, to blur you, that’s why your dream has to be bigger than your obstacles, because in the middle of the storm you will realize that God is the one who sustains you»


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