The 13 Best Books On Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is probably the most important competence to have a happy life, full of good personal relationships and in which you achieve your goals.

Here are 14  emotional intelligence books that will help you better understand and practice this skill. Most are professionals, researchers or specialists in the field.

1-Emotional intelligence-Daniel Goleman

In my opinion, a must for anyone who wants to have better personal relationships, to understand better with their family, children or partner and in general to understand themselves better.

2-Emotional intelligence 2.0-Travis Bradberry

It focuses on improving emotional intelligence, focusing on various skills: self-control, social intelligence and social relationships, showing activities that will help you promote each of the areas.

3-Educate with emotional intelligence-Maurice J./Tobias, Steven E. and Friedl Elias

It focuses on improving parent-child communication and learning to control the use of emotions in everyday situations such as rivalry between siblings, conflicts with friends, various school situations or pressure exerted by peers.

4-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People-Stephen R. Covey

This book does not focus on emotional intelligence, although many of the habits it mentions are actually derived from having high emotional intelligence; Seek first to understand, then to be understood, think win / win and be proactive.

5-A backpack for the universe-Elsa Punset

Some topics in this book are: recognizing the importance of our relationships with others, discovering that there is much more that unites us than what separates us, finding effective ways to communicate, managing the relationship between body and mind, empowering wealth of joy that we enclose, organize ourselves to be able to set and fulfill our goals and help the human brain to counteract its innate tendency “to fearful and distrustful survival.”

6-Brain and emotional intelligence-Daniel Goleman

It brings together the latest findings from brain research and other sources on topics ranging from creativity and optimal performance, to connecting two brains in leadership, to ways to improve emotional intelligence itself.

7-Emotional. Say What You Feel-Cristina Núñez Pereira and Rafael Romero

An itinerary through the emotions that any human being has. With this tool, children will grow up learning to identify any feelings and will learn to control them.

8-Manual of emotional intelligence-José Miguel Mestre Navas and Pablo Fernandez Berrocal

This manual is the first in Spanish to be published based on the idea that EI is a set of four skills – perception and expression of emotions, use of emotions to facilitate thinking, understanding of emotions and regulation of emotions – which allow the individual to incorporate emotions into their intelligent system. Very complete manual that touches on most of the topics covered by emotional intelligence.

9-Your wrong zones-Wayne Dyer

I have already recommended it many times. There are several aspects that are touched on in the book that are also related to emotional intelligence: taking charge of yourself, loving yourself, avoiding emotions of worry and guilt or avoiding anger.

10-How To Make Friends And Influence People-Dale Carnegie 

One of the best classics ever and I think the best social skills book out there. It is sure to help you improve your personal relationships with others.

11-Child and youth emotional intelligence-Linda Lantieri and Daniel Goleman

12-Psycho Cybernetics-Maxwell Maltz

13- 50 Activities To Develop Emotional Intelligence-Adele B. Lynn and Carmen E. Leon

And do you know another book on this topic? You can comment below. I’m interested. Thank you!

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