The 12 Best Infusions For Weight Loss

The herbal teas to lose weight that I will leave you in this article will not only help you lose weight, but will also make you feel better, increasing your physical, mental and emotional health. Weight has not only a physical component, but also a psychological one.

The infusions are considered by a large number of people as something totally healthy, natural and of course beneficial, even more so if it helps to lose a few extra kilos. In addition, its variety is served thanks to the high number of elements that can be added to its composition for subsequent training.

herbal teas to lose weight

As a general rule, an infusion is a drink formed by adding different types of leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits together with natural herbs to a glass of hot water, but be careful, without it reaching its boiling point .

With the passage of time, the definition of infusion has been welcoming more and more types of liquids, among which we find coffee or horchata for example.

This would be its most common definition, but there are also two more scientific ones that are adapted to the field of physics and medicine. On this first occasion we would talk about the “action of extracting a mixed product or solution (as well as the extracted product) the parts soluble in water at a temperature higher than ambient, and lower than boiling”.

Speaking about medicine, an infusion is an aqueous solution of some type of solute (a substance that is intended to be dissolved in the diluent) that is injected to receive some type of bodily behavior such as on the different venous circulatory streams.

In any case, in this article we will refer at all times to the meaning offered in the first place referring to the drink that is made with different aromatic substances for ingestion, with special emphasis on teas.

List of herbal teas to lose weight

1- Oolong tea

The jewel in the crown of infusions. Its name literally means “black dragon” in Chinese. It is made up of a large number of catechins, which act on our metabolism to easily reduce fat.

According to a study published by the Chinese Journal of Integral Medicine, “people who drank this liquid on a regular basis lost six kilos over a period of six weeks.

Its creation begins to be done with a mixture of a tablespoon of oolong tea to a cup of hot water, then letting it rest for about 10-15 minutes, to later strain it and drink it.

2- Mint infusion

It is satisfied with adding mint over our hot water. It has been scientifically proven that simply by its smell, our appetite is greatly reduced.

The Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine stated that people who simply inhale this infusion, without needing to drink it, lose an average of 5 kilos per month. Without a doubt something totally incredible.

3- Rooibo Infusion

It is found solely and exclusively in the area belonging to Cape Town, being extracted from the leaves belonging to the red bush.

Its benefit for weight loss is based on the management of the different hormones that we need. In different studies, it has been proven that stress is especially relevant, which causes hunger and fat storage, improving it and reducing worries.

Chemically speaking, it is totally advisable for the correct development of the processes produced in our womb.

4- Green tea

This type of drink is perfect to make it before doing physical exercises. Its main function is to make us sweat, so that if we do it for 25 minutes, for 12 weeks together with 4-5 cups a day, an average of 2 kilos more is lost than a normal athlete.

Like oolong tea, it has high levels of catechins, which act aggressively on our fat-bearing cells in addition to increasing the acceleration of our liver to convert fat into energy.

5- Pink tea

It contains a large number of antioxidants and removes the amount of toxins from our system, thus preventing constipation and improving our digestion.

In addition, it is one of the most practical and effective combinations as far as our skin is concerned, because, as we have indicated above, in addition to containing a high number of anti oxidants, it also contains different types of vitamins that push towards a better beautification of is.

6- Red tea

It is one of the oldest combinations known to date. Your drinking routine would be based on around 3-4 cups a day. As for their results, they would vary depending on the weight presented.

Normally it falls by 9 kilos to people who are severely overweight, 6 those who have a moderate one up to a total of 3 kilos to those who simply present it in a light training.

Its ability to burn fat join many others, such as the creation of a metabolic process that reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and triglycerides while strengthening our immune system.

7- Infusion of white tea

It shows much more nutritional quality than the rest since it is treated in a much less processed way, usually drying it in full sunlight , which is why it is known as a more natural method.

It is also the tea with the most antioxidants of all, helping to tone our body faster.

According to the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, it was found that the intake of this type of tea increases the breakdown of fats in our body (called lipolysis) and blocks their formation (called adipogenesis).

8- Horsetail tea

It has similar effects to those produced by rooibos tea, but it also retains fluids in our body due to its diuretic power.

This means that you would have to do physical exercise to be able to eliminate them in a successful and optimal way.

Also this combination can be taken in the form of tablets and supplements instead of liquid through an infusion.

9- Cinnamon infusion

In this formation, cinnamon plays practically all the chemical role that will be produced in our body. On the one hand, it reduces the levels of glucose found in the blood in addition to reducing the appetite presented.

Some experts advise that if instead of not wanting to ingest the tea, the same effect would be produced if we added a small spoonful to our yogurt every time we take one.

10- Detoxifying infusion of dandelions

This well-known and curious intake works as a powerful body scrubber in addition to obviously producing slimming effects. Of course, for it to have the desired effect, its intake should be about 2-3 cups for each day that we propose to take it.

Its preparation? It is enough to boil a liter of water with the different leaves and flowers of a dandelion for a total of 3 minutes. After this, we will let it rest for a small and short period of time, and strain it to finally drink it.

11- Infusion of grapefruit tea

Like many others, it reduces our ability to create the sensation of famine, reducing our appetite. It also breaks down fat and helps improve the defense function of the liver and kidneys.

12- Infusion of barberry tea

This well-known herb is essential when it comes to making powerful infusions. Again we position ourselves against a type of tea that helps us control anxiety while improving digestion and metabolism in our body.

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