The 11 Most Popular Honduran Novel Writers

The writers of novels Honduran began to emerge in the colonial era, in the seventeenth century. However, the most renowned novel writers were born in the 19th century. In this century, writers stood out with a series of novels with themes related to history.

It is relevant to know that Honduran writing in recent years has had a boom that has allowed it to obtain important literature awards. Some of these awards are regional. For example, the 2013 Rogelio Prize for Literature and the Central American and Caribbean Novel Prize.

List of Honduran writers

1- José Froylán de Jesús Turcios Canelas

This writer was born on July 7, 1875 in Juticalpa and died on November 19, 1943 in Costa Rica. He was one of the most influential men in Honduras during the 20th century.

His first novel was El Vampiro , a modernist style writing published in 1910. In 1911 he published another famous novel entitled El Fantasma Blanco .

2- Lucila Gamero Moncada

This writer was born in Danlí on June 12, 1873, and died in the same city in 1964. She was the first woman to produce a solid and famous novel.

The first novel she wrote was Amalia Montiel , in 1895. This was published in Froylan Turcios, the first literary medium that gave space to women of that time. A few years later he published two more novels: Adriana and Margarita  and Pages of the Heart .

Years later he gave life to the famous novel Blanca Olmedo , one of the most recognized in Honduras. It is a romantic story that attracted the attention of the youngest women of the time.

Other novels written by Lucila Gamero were: Betina , Aída , Exotic Love , The Secretary  and El Dolor de Amar .

3- Rafael Heliodoro

He was born in Tegucigalpa on July 3, 1891 and died in Mexico in 1959. This writer focused on the field of history and literature. His first novel was published in 1944 and was named Iturbide, Man of God .

4- Argentina Díaz Lozano

He was born in Santa Rosa de Copan on December 15, 1912, and died in Tegucigalpa on August 13, 1999.

Her original name was Argentina Bueso Mejía, but she married and acquired her husband’s two surnames as literary ones.

Argentina Díaz Lozano was the only Central American woman to be a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970.

Among the novels written by Argentina Díaz are: Time to live , Pilgrimage , Mayapan , 49 days in the life of a woman  and, finally, A woman has arrived  in 1991. The novel Mayapan was the most recognized, it was even translated into different languages.

5- Ramón Amaya Amador

He was a writer and journalist born in Olanchito on April 29, 1916. He died in a plane crash in Slovakia on November 24, 1966. His literary production was declared a national cultural treasure, 25 years after his death.

Green Prison  written in 1945 was the most recognized novel by this writer. However, he has a long list of works.

Among these are: Amanecer , El Indio Sánchez , Under the sign of peace , Constructores , El Señor de la Sierra , among others.

6- Eduardo Bähr

(1940) One of the most recognized Honduran writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Winner of countless awards, some of his best-known works are  El Cuento de la Guerra (1971) or  Guerra a la Guerra (1995).

7- Julio Escoto

(1944) Educator, is a notable writer who has written about novels, essays, columns or stories, among other genres. He has won several prestigious awards thanks to works such as  Under the almond tree… Next to the volcano (1988) or  The ballad of the wounded bird and other stories (1969)

8- Froylán Turcios

(1875-1943) A versatile man of letters who worked as a journalist, poet, editor, anthologist and novelist. He is considered one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century in Honduras. In 1910 he published The Vampire , one of his top works.

9- Alfonso Guillén Zelaya

(1887-1947) One of the most important intellectuals in the history of Honduras. He worked as a journalist and wrote poetry and novels. His most outstanding work is Quinto silencio.

10- Roberto Castillo

(1950-2008) Philosopher and writer born in El Salvador, but with many Honduran roots. Works such as El corneta (1981) have been some of the creations that have earned him distinctions such as the “Ramón Rosa” National Prize for Literature (1991).

11- Maria Trinidad del Cid

(1899-1966) Journalist and feminist activist who also stood out as a novelist thanks to works such as L a exemplary life of Doña Guadalupe Reyes de Carías (1944) or Los Héroes (1955).


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