Shield Of Tacna: History And Meaning

The shield of Tacna officially came into use on March 13, 2009 through Municipal Ordinance 0005-09. It has a traditional golden heraldry shape, ornamented at the top by laurel branches, and includes the national colors of Peru.

It represents the independence of the nation and its resistance to belonging to a foreign power . Located in a valley in the middle of the Peruvian coastal desert, the city of San Pedro de Tacna was originally founded in 1541, and officially in 1855.

This foundation was created after having been occupied by the Bolivian army and then under Chilean administration for almost fifty years. In fact, Salvador Allende lived with his family for eight years in the Chilean Tacna.

Hence comes the emphasis of the people on maintaining their identity, defending their sovereignty, exposing their Peruvian nationalism and rejecting the foreign presence.


The idea of ​​creating a shield arose in 1945, after the need to have an emblem to wear it at the ceremony in honor of the departments of Peru.

The artist Enrique Gamarra Hernández captured the ideas described by Dr. José Jiménez Borja, an illustrious person from Tacna.

The heraldry was praised, applauded and celebrated by the neighbors, but modified at the end of the sixties by the mayor on duty. Unilaterally, this official decided to add a pair of eagles.

After a years campaign, it was possible to revert the shield to its original design, which entered into official force after a municipal ordinance when it was sixty years after the conception of its design.

The effort of José Jiménez Borja and Enrique Gamarra Hernández was rewarded 63 years after their initial contribution to the city.


The shield has a traditional form of Spanish heraldry, with an interior separated into two fields by a diagonal line.

The upper field is red and the lower one is silver, similar to the national colors of Peru.

The top field denotes strength, courage, victory, and heroism. A rampant gold lion symbolizes the warrior spirit and nobly sovereign of the people of Tacna, but it also symbolizes their tireless vigilance and hard-working heart.

The lower field symbolizes purity, integrity, peace and eloquence. Loaded with the fruit of the pomegranate, a local plant, it expresses abundance and unity.

Surrounding the entire coat of arms there is a golden yellow frame on which the inscription “Heroic city of San Pedro de Tacna” reads in capital letters.

As a stamp, at the upper end you can see the civic laurel wreath, which refers to the Republican shields.

In the center of the crown rests a bicolor bow with the white and red colors of the Peruvian flag.


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