Sample Letter Of Recommendation (original)

Among the  examples of letters of recommendation include those used for employment, an academic letter, letters of personal references and letters of good conduct, among others.

A recommendation letter is a letter, memo, or online item in which an author (usually a person in a supervisory role) assesses an individual’s skills, work habits, or accomplishments.

The individual delivering the letter is applying for a job, professional position, or admission to school. The idea of ​​writing a recommendation letter is to give a vote of confidence regarding the skills, accomplishments and aptitudes of the person you are recommending.

Many times these letters are sent to a hiring manager or admissions officer to facilitate a candidate interview.

These texts should describe the qualifications that people have and that are related to the job or position to which they are applying.

Short and striking letter

Dear Director,

Maria has been working with me for the last 5 years as Sales Director and I only have positive words.

Since she entered, she managed to increase sales by 20%, first as a direct salesperson and later as a Director and leading a team of ten people.

His attitude has always been positive, collaborative, friendly and willing to create a good work environment.

I remain at your disposal in case you need more information.


Antonio Pérez, Director of Latin American Companies.

For advanced selection processes

Dear Director:

I am writing to recommend John for the position of Customer Service Manager in your department. John has worked for me for two years as an Account Executive proving to be highly productive. I think he will prove to be an asset as a manager in his department which is why I fully endorse him for the position.

I find John to be hard-working, energetic, and full of initiative. Upon being hired, John was assigned stable accounts – but not growth accounts – as a learning tool until he became familiar with our products and services.

In six months John achieved a 10 percent increase in accounting expense with three clients who had not changed their business with us in five years. As a result, I assigned John to a few client presentations and he got them all.

Even though his account list is made up of old accounts, John is one of the highest income producers on my team. I believe your key to success is your passion for our products and your exceptional talent for customer service.

This is why I highly recommend you for the position you are offering. I know that if you can train a team to do what you do, you will notice a significant decrease in customer complaints and attrition.

If I can be of additional assistance in your evaluation process, please let me know. My direct line is 555-55-55 or you can email me at [email protected] Of course, feel free to stop by my office to answer any questions.



For the position of sales manager 

Dear Mr. Jiménez,

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Gabriela Salas for the position of Sales Manager with the Shell company.

Gabriela and I work together at the Generic sales company, where I was her boss and direct supervisor from 2011 to 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the time working alongside her and came to know her as a valuable addition to any team. She is an honest and reliable person who works very hard.

Beyond that, she is very good at solving situations and is always ready to solve complex problems with a strategy and with confidence. Gabriela is inspired by challenges and is never intimidated.

His knowledge of sales etiquette was a great asset to our office. Thanks to his skills, we increased our total sales by 18% in a quarter of a year.

In addition to her great talent, Gabriela is a joy to work with. She likes to play as a team and always manages to create positive discussions that bring out the best in employees.

I can definitely recommend Gabriela to join your team. As a dedicated, knowledgeable employee and overall excellent person, I know that I will be a favorable addition to your organization.

Feel free to contact me at 555-123-4567 if you would like to discuss your qualifications in more detail. I would be happy to expand my recommendation.

My best wishes,

Pedro Pérez.

For supervisor of an intern

Rita Bookman


La Girafa publishing house

Dear Rita,

I am writing to express my full support for Antonio López’s application for the position of editorial assistant with La Jirafa publishing house.

As Antonio’s supervisor during his student internship with Iceberg Publishing in the fall of 2015, I interacted with him frequently to assign him responsibilities and discuss the industry.

I was impressed by her writing skills, initiative, and ability to meet deadlines.

Antonio became a valued member of the Iceberg team and I feel confident that he has a successful career in publishing ahead of him. As an intern in our editorial department, Antonio had many responsibilities.

She worked with members of the editorial team on various projects, including manuscript reading and reporting, editing promotional materials, and reviewing information.

Antonio was especially skilled at searching for new authors on online blogs. As a Literature student at NYU, Antonio brought a great knowledge of historical and contemporary literature.

He is an intellectual and gets excited when talking about literary ideas and trends. Antonio is a very special young man.


Carmen Diaz

Editor-in-Chief, Iceberg Publications,

[email protected]


Supervisor for an internal promotion

Zacharias Parker

Director of customer service

Dear Zacharias,

It is my pleasure to recommend that Alex Méndez seek the position of leader in the customer experience team at Lark Lenses. As his supervisor on the customer service team for the past 3 years, I have worked closely with him.

I am confident that Alex is ready to move into a leadership position. Alex has a customer-focused philosophy; She has impressed me with her warmth, wisdom and kindness, both in person and online.

He also has a deep understanding of our products or operating processes. After three years on the support team, he has dealt with a variety of issues and understands the day-to-day operations of our business.

Additionally, she is a great leader and her colleagues recognize her talent; they often come to her for help with their training and to answer any questions.

I look forward to seeing you in the lead position on the customer experience team at Lark Lenses. Thank you very much and I am available for any question.


Lucille warby

Customer Experience Manager

Letter of recommendation for a colleague

Manuel Sanchez

Chief Marketing Officer

Dear Mr. Sánchez,

I am happy to recommend Marco Gutiérrez for the editor-in-chief position with Global Tech. As a fellow IT content editor at CloudArk, I have worked alongside him for the past five years.

Not only has he been a key player on our team, but he has also become a close friend.

His leadership skills and qualities make him an invaluable addition to your technology development team.

Marco can plan, create and market IT content, he has the ability to build a global presence for Global Tech.

He is an excellent writer and editor; it is very easy to convey technical information in attractive content.

Marco has my highest recommendation for the Global Tech editor-in-chief position.


Tomás Cerezo.

Letter of recommendation from a professor for a former student

Dr. Joe Consuelos

Director of the International School of England

Dear Dr. Consuelos

It is a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Florencia Gómez to continue her English studies at the International School of England.

As a professor at XYU University, I taught Florence in two classes and was the tutor of her thesis during her final year.

Florence impressed me with her intellectual curiosity, passion for global culture, and adventurous spirit. Given her background in English and her experience living abroad, I am sure she would be a great addition to your school.

I worked alongside him during his final year thesis, which awarded him the distinction of Summa Cum Laude.

She is a talented writer who offers insightful comments in essays and in class discussions. I know that Florencia has all the skills to be an excellent student at school.

She is passionate about connecting with people from other cultures, either through exploring new ideas or volunteering for other activities.

Florence has my full support in her quest to find a position at the International School of England.

He works very hard; she is charismatic and intelligent. She has a great commitment to her studies. I have no doubt that Florencia will be a great student at her school.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information,


Dr. Roberto Páez


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