Lithology: History, What It Studies, Types

The lithology is a branch of geology that is responsible for studying the characteristics of the various types of rocks that exist on Earth. The term comes from Latin: litho (rock) + logia (study of). Lithology does not study deep features of rocks in general, but rather focuses on the surface features of rocks. That

Denotative Language: Characteristics, Examples

He denotative languageIt is one that is used to say things in an objective way, without any kind of interpretation. Through it, the precise and literal definition of a word is obtained as it could be found in a dictionary.  In this sense, denotation represents the explicit or referential meaning of a word. This refers to

Battle Of Lircay: Causes, Development, Consequences

The battle of Lircay was a warlike confrontation that pitted the two sides in the civil war that began in Chile in 1829. The battle took place on the banks of the Lircay River, near Talca, on April 17, 1830. The triumph of the Conservatives was the beginning of the so-called Conservative Republic. The confrontations

The 10 Most Popular Traditions And Customs Of Jalisco

One of the most important traditions and customs  of Jalisco is the anniversary of the founding of Guadalajara, the capital city of the state. This festival is celebrated on February 14 and includes cultural presentations (mariachi concerts, typical dances, singing competitions, among others). Jalisco also presents various religious festivals, among which stand out the day

The 101 Best Dream Phrases [with Pictures]

I leave you the best  quotes about the dreams of great historical figures such as Walt Disney, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Paulo Coelho, Vincent van Gogh, Aristotle, Malcolm Forbes, Oscar Wilde, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt and many more.  You may also be interested in these phrases of hope or these of inspiration . 19-A dream

Liquid Chlorophyll: Benefits, How To Take And Contraindications

The liquid chlorophyll is a dietary supplement that is associated with improving the immune function and gastrointestinal disorders, including eliminating bad breath. Chlorophyll is the most widely distributed natural green pigment on the planet. Its action in the plant consists of the formation of carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water with the release of oxygen,