15 Health Benefits Of Cilantro

The benefits of coriander  are varied: it improves the quality of sleep, regulates menstruation, prevents cancer, improves digestion, fights acne, helps to lose weight, improves the condition of the skin and others that we will explain below. Coriander is an easily acquired herb that is common on the table to season salads, combine it with

Literary Realism: Origin, Characteristics, Authors And Works

He literary realismIt was a literary movement that developed in the mid-nineteenth century in France, later spread throughout the rest of Europe and then settled on the American continent. In the critics’ opinion, royalist writers rose up against the romantic movement that preceded them. Unlike the romantic writers, the realists wrote about ordinary people and

The 22 Most Outstanding Animals Of Colombia

The animals of Colombia are abundant, the second country with more biodiversity of the planet. This South American nation has impressive wildlife that is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Although it only occupies a small percentage (0.7%) of the total surface of the Earth, around 10% of the planet’s species are represented