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Marcheline Bertrand (1950-2007) was an actress, producer and activist, who in the last years of her life was dedicated, with various organizations created by her, to perform concerts for charity work.

She was known in the world of entertainment for being the mother of Angelina Jolie, who also inherited that sensitivity towards others. Her daughter Angelina called her Marshmallow (candy cloud) because she was a very tender and understanding woman. Bertrand taught his children values ​​and love for others.

Bertrand was just a child when she ran away from home and ended up in Hollywood because she wanted to be a movie star. In the mecca of American cinema, she met her first husband, Jon Voight, one of the protagonists of the movie Midnight Cowboy , and she married when she was 21 years old.

Although she had French-Canadian descent through her father, her daughter Angelina always joked with this saying that she was far from being Parisian, having spent her childhood and adolescence in a typical environment of the United States, in a bowling alley that her grandparents had.


Marcheline Bertrand was born in 1950, in Blue Island, Illinois, United States. From a very young age she married fellow actor Jon Voight in 1971, with whom she had two children: Angelina Jolie and James Haven, both actors.

De Voight was divorced in 1978 and then had Bill Day as a partner, and the last years of his life John Trudell, with whom he performed several benefit concerts.

His father was Roland Bertrand and his mother Lois June. She had two brothers: a girl, Debbie, and a boy, Raleigh. When she was 15 her family moved from Chicago to Beverly Hills, where teenage Bertrand attended Beverly Hills High School from her sophomore year until she graduated.

Family values

Talent and support for underprivileged children was something that Marcheline Bertrand instilled in her children, and that her daughter Angelina learned so well. His daughter is known worldwide, in addition to her roles in world-class films, as a tireless fighter for childhood in the world.

Bertrand always cared for Angelina to learn to understand the world and its problems, to learn to love children and to be an impeccable role model for her daughter.

A work that lasted throughout childhood and adolescence and ended in Angelina’s deep admiration for her mother. The two women were alike both physically and in their way of seeing life, and that led to the Bertrand family having so many triumphs.


Marcheline’s career in film began with actor, director, and theater teacher Lee Strasberg, who had taught another famous artist, film director Elia Kazan.

In 1971 he characterized Connie in the fourth season of the television series Ironside , “Love, peace, brotherhood and murder.” In 1982 she played a minor role in the movie Looking for a break , a film that had been co-written by her husband Jon Voight.

In 1983 he had a role in the movie The Man Who Loved Women.  This film narrates the affairs of an artist, but who tells them is his analyst who was also the lover; it tells of the main character’s obsession with women.


Since 1983 Bertrand has dedicated himself to producing films and documentaries. That same year he founded Woods Road Productions with his partner and partner at the time, Bill Day.

She was also the executive producer of the documentary Trudell , in 2005, which tells the life of her partner John Trudell, a musician and activist. With this film they had a lot of resonance, as it was part of the official selection of the Sundance Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival, and at the Seattle International Film Festival it won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary.

Charitable work

Like her daughter Angelina Jolie, who had her as a wonderful example, Marcheline devoted much of her life to charity work, especially when she left acting.

Together with his partner John Trudell, Bertrand created the All Tribes Foundation , with which they tried to support indigenous communities, both economically and in preserving customs, culture and languages.

Towards the year 2007 the work of All the tribes was significant , since the aid had far exceeded 800 thousand dollars, money that served to subsidize programs that conserved tribal ways of life and had the purpose of guaranteeing a future without economic needs for the natives.

As a connoisseur of the world of production and acting, she performed several concerts in the company of Trudell that helped the Afghan refugees. Since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999, from then on she was tireless in raising awareness among many women through advertising campaigns and supporting associations.


The last years of Bertrand’s life were fighting ovarian cancer, until in 2007 he lost the battle. His mother and sister had also died of cancer.

In recent years, she wanted to be away from the cameras and did not grant interviews. She died at the age of 56, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, surrounded by her closest relatives and her two children: Angelina and James.

The funeral did not attend who was her first husband, actor Jon Voight, only sent a letter of condolence to their children. Bertrand and Voight’s strained relationships were known and she always said that she was not interested in having any kind of relationship with him again.

Three years after Marcheline’s death, her children Angelina and James paid tribute to her in a video they titled For Mommy with Love , which featured images of Angelina, just 6 years old, playing on the beach in Hawaii in 1981.

Bertrand left a significant inheritance to his grandchildren, Angelina’s first three children. He also left part of his fortune to Angelina and James, his children, and also to his grandchildren Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh, whom he got to know a little before dying.


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