In Process Of Delivery: Meaning In Spain

In delivery process is a term associated with the different states that a shipment goes through until it is withdrawn by the buyer. This is considered one of the final stages of this process. This phase could also include the location of the package in the hands of the post office delivery person, who will be in charge of making the corresponding transfer.

It is understood that, to reach this point, the shipment had to have gone through a series of processes and phases to the final destination: from the purchase, receipt of the package, departure from the country of origin and arrival at the destination, with their respective customs reviews.

In delivery process

It is worth mentioning that usually the postal company proceeds to make the delivery. However, if the buyer is not located at his home address, the package will be found in some of the closest locations.

Meaning in Spain

As mentioned above, this term is associated with the transfer of the package from the post office to the recipient’s address. This is done thanks to a postman who is assigned to a certain area, who must make the home delivery.

If the option has been chosen for the package to arrive at the post office, to make the subsequent withdrawal the buyer must present his identification, as well as the receipt and reference of the merchandise that is expected to be received.

In general, the delivery process refers to when the postman has the package that will later leave the recipient, in order to close the process.

In the case of Spain, and because the Correos Group is the company in charge of channeling the majority of imports and exports, users have the possibility of opting for holiday mailboxes, which are spaces intended for receiving mail. while the recipient is not in the zone.

Important points

In view of the aforementioned, some important items regarding the shipping and delivery process can be highlighted:

-Medicines and alcohol are considered special merchandise; therefore, some additional value may be added at the time of delivery.

-If the package is below the cost established by the post office, the merchandise can be delivered at home, but with the addition of the extra value in terms of customs duties and VAT.

-It is possible that the delivery process is compromised due to a series of failures in customs. This may be because the value established by the post office is higher or because there is no invoice that guarantees the merchandise ordered.

-When the postman goes to the address to make the delivery, he carries a receipt to close the process of sending the package. If the person is not there, a notice will be left in the mailbox. In some cases this communication is also possible via email and text messaging.

-There have been cases where shipments arrive in the country, but to another city. Then, a certain number of packages is sent to other locations for later dispatch to the final destination.

-It can also be the case that the package is in another country. In the case of Spain, the shipments stop over in the United Kingdom and Germany. This is because the shipment takes the access routes that are considered faster to reach the destination, while passing through less rigid checkpoints in relation to others.

New delivery attempts

It is common for the package to be delivered to a postman so that he can proceed to leave it at the respective address within 48 to 72 hours.

At the time of doing so, the recipient will receive the delivery receipt to receive the package. If the recipient is not found, the following will proceed:

-The postman will leave a notification notice, indicating that he has a period of five days to collect the package at the local post office.

-If you do not withdraw it within that period, a second attempt will be made with a notification to arrange the receipt of the package within a period of 10 days. The status of the package can be checked on the main post office page.

If after these two attempts the shipment has not been withdrawn, the package will be delivered to the headquarters with a notification of incidence that indicates the circumstances for which the proper delivery was not made. Later, the packet will be returned to the sender.

What does “in the process of delivery by post” mean?

The term post office is associated with the functioning of the postal service. Therefore, it is a post office where shipments and parcels can be made, as well as the reception and handling of correspondence.

In this way, the delivery process is understood to be the shipment that is in a certain post office for the subsequent receipt of the package.

It is worth noting at this point that the word courier also gives the name to a shipping company, under whose conditions it indicates that if it is not at home, the recipient must pick up the package at any of the post offices, unless they have one. decided this way.

Associated terms

It is important to familiarize yourself with a series of terms to have a better idea regarding the process of shipping a certain product:


The seller delivered the merchandise.

Departure from international office of origin

The shipment has left to the destination country.

In transit

It is the travel process that the package is completing to the destination office. Generally, the message is repeated several times when reviewing this phase of the process.

Arrival at destination international office

The package has reached the destination country.

Detained in customs

This phase occurs when the shipment comes from outside a country that is not part of the European Union.

Departure office of change of destination

The package goes to the nearest post office.

Arrival at destination office

The package is at the post office for further distribution.

Delivery process

The package is in the hands of the delivery man to be delivered to the recipient.


The recipient, or a representative of the recipient, received the package.

Incidence and return

Processes related to the return of the shipment.


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