Food Company Organization Chart: Structure And Functions

The organization chart of a food company is a diagram that helps to organize and manage these types of companies effectively. The structure is designed to implement a system of responsibility and accountability, with a clear chain of command.

The fast food centers that you see in cities are not just restaurants that serve food, but they also function as complete companies that work on the basis of the effort and hard work of various employees and departments.

The food that is eaten in these chains are the final products, but behind that multiple operations are executed, such as marketing, finance, accounting and advertising, etc.

Food companies have very specific staffing needs and their organizational structure must be in line with those needs in order for them to function well.

The size of the company determines the final structure. Employees often take on more than one role in small establishments, but these companies often have the same basic framework, regardless of size.

Corporate structure

Fast food chains are often part of corporate entities and can also be franchised.

Depending on this factor, a fast food company can have many jobs, the hierarchical structure of which is presented for reference below:

Corporate executives

A fast food company is basically a corporate chain that consists of executives at the corporate or managerial level, who work in the highest positions to run the company, direct its operations and take care of its finances.

The following are the top jobs in the correct order of hierarchy:

Board of Directors

All the shareholders and most of the top executives form the board of directors. They are responsible for making the most important decisions.

Executive Director

It ranks highest when it comes to fast food business operations.


He sits at the top of the finance department and manages the entire financial aspect of the business.


In the event that the premises of a fast food chain have been franchised, the hierarchical order may be different for each particular member within the chain.

The following are the hierarchical jobs within a particular franchised fast food store:

-Regional managers

To manage the operations of each fast food chain, the CEO or other corporate executive may hire regional managers to govern each of the jurisdictions.

They monitor the activities of each of the chains operating in the region to see if they comply with policies, customer service and all other types of regulations.

-Owner of the franchise

Owner of a private franchised fast food store. He is responsible for managing the franchise as required by the director of the fast food company.

-General Manager

It represents the highest level of the chain of employees, who is directly responsible for supervising all the management of the establishment.

You must ensure that operations reflect the corporate culture, ensure that company policies are followed, and ensure that customers are satisfied with the experience.

They typically make hiring and firing decisions, as well as those involving compensation and pay increases.

Critical responsibilities include budgeting, payroll, scheduling, and inventory, as well as purchasing supplies: groceries, frying oil, condiments, and toiletries.

-Shift supervisors

They are directly responsible for providing guidance, motivation and also support to the employees under their command.

Unlike the general manager, shift supervisors perform the same tasks as and work alongside regular employees.

In addition to leading by example, they handle complex issues such as handling customer complaints and meeting delivery requests.

In some cases, shift supervisors can help schedule or count cash registers during the shift change or at the end of the day. Shift supervisors report directly to the general manager.

Counter staff

These employees assist customers when they enter the restaurant to place an order. They should greet customers warmly, take orders accurately, communicate them to the food preparation team, and answer any simple questions.

These personnel should know the basic functions of the point of sale system used, how to handle credit cards and checks, and how to make changes.

Sometimes they run to the back to fill drinks, grab plates, or take an order to the counter. These personnel report directly to the corresponding shift supervisor.

Self-service staff

If the fast food restaurant has a self-service it will need a separate team of employees to operate it. An employee generally acts as a leader. This person must have a clear voice, as they will need to communicate with customers through a loudspeaker.

As customers drive, this same person delivers the order right to a window. They also deliver sauces and napkins, in addition to filling drinks for orders.

This person is assisted by an agent who takes the food and groups the customers’ orders. Self-service personnel report directly to the appropriate shift supervisor.

Cooks and food preparation staff

Depending on what the restaurant sells, the food components may already be prepared and what is needed is simply to heat and assemble them. If so, there should be a dedicated staff that is directly responsible for this.

For example, if hamburgers are sold, these staff will cook or reheat the meat, divide the loaves, put lettuce, tomato, cheese, and other seasonings on each sandwich, wrap it, and place it in the correct customer order.

Food prep personnel are also responsible for filling in ingredients, replacing frying oil, and changing soda cylinders.

Cooks and food preparation staff report directly to the appropriate shift supervisor.

Cleaning staff

It is the direct responsibility of these personnel to ensure that the establishment is always clean and hygienic.

They should periodically sweep the dining area and the back of the premises, clean the tables and chairs, clean the restrooms, empty the trash, and also restock the customer’s sauce station throughout the day.

They should also wash any kitchen items that cannot go through the dishwasher. At the close of the business day, they must assist the rest of the staff with the final cleaning operations.

Members of the cleaning staff report directly to the appropriate shift supervisor.


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