Flora And Fauna Of Querétaro: Representative Species

The flora and fauna of Querétaro is characterized by species of flowers such as the cardón, the fir or the damiana, and animal species such as the buzzard, the puma or the opossum.

Querétaro is a Mexican state located in the north-central area of ​​the country. It has a climate characterized by variations between dry and humid. The good balance between temperatures favors agriculture, as well as the diversity of abundant and dispersed vegetation throughout the state.

On the other hand, the rivers in the area contribute to the formation of ecosystems made up of various plant associations, which is why you can find jungles, forests, grasslands and bushes in different proportions.

Flora of Queretaro

1- Cardón

It is a cactus plant well spread throughout North America. They are typical of arid and semi-arid areas. It is a shrub with a cylindrical stem that, when ripe, produces brightly colored flowers.

2- Lechuguilla

It is an agavaceous plant close to the agave from which mezcal is obtained. It has the peculiarity of blooming only once in its time of existence.

It is widely used in the manufacture of textile pieces, brushes or brushes, in addition to having uses in some natural medicine medicines.

3- Hedgehog cactus

It is a cactus type plant that is widespread in central Mexico. It is a species in danger of extinction, even though its cultivation is quite widespread.

It can live up to 100 years. Due to its attractiveness, it is basically an ornamental plant, highly appreciated in the field of gardening.

4- Fir

Fir is a type of tree belonging to the Pinaceae family. Many fir trees are widely distributed throughout North America.

They are trees of considerable size that are related to cedars. Its wood is used in the construction industry and in some carpentry applications.

5- Damiana

Also known as shepherd girl or Mexican tea, damiana is a typical plant of all the arid lands of the American continent, especially in tropical areas.

It grows on shrubs up to two meters high in xerophilous thickets, dunes and temperate forests. It is generally used in the preparation of laxatives, stimulants and in the preparation of beverages.

6- Ocotillo

Plant formed by simple and erect sticks distributed by desert areas, especially in Chihuahua and Sonora, but also in Querétaro. It is able to store and bloom in very dry season.

7- Anacuhita

Tree distributed by the Sierra Madre Oriental, reaching some regions of Querétaro. It can reach 6 meters in height and stands out for the white flowers that appear on its branches in late spring.

Querétaro fauna

1- White-fronted Parrot, Orange-fronted Parrot or Yellow-cheeked Parrot

The parrot is a parrot distributed in the tropical areas of America. They are birds of showy plumage and medium size.

Their diet is mainly based on seeds, fruits and some roots. They are used as domestic animals, although many of them live in flocks in forests and jungles.

2- Puma

It is a large feline mammal from the American continent. It is an excellent hunter that can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

He is agile, strong and his runs can easily reach 70 kilometers per hour. It lives in jungles and forests, and all areas that have dense vegetation.

3- Buzzard

Also known as the vulture or gallinazo, it is an accipitriform bird that extends from the United States to South America.

It is related to the eagle and the falcon. It is a scavenger that can weigh up to two kilograms. It generally lives in flocks with other birds.

4- Tlacuache

The opossum is a possum, which is a marsupial from the American continent. They are small in size.

Some genera of this animal are already extinct. Currently they have an outstanding importance in gastronomy, since their meat is appreciated for its flavor.

5- Cacomiztle

The cacomiztle is a mammal typical of the arid areas of North America. They are small and barely exceed a kilogram in weight.

They are distributed between the north and the center of Mexico. They are fast, agile and solitary, with an omnivorous diet.

6- White-tailed deer

This ruminant is distributed by the mountainous slopes of Querétaro and other regions of Mexico. It is characterized by its reddish skin and its white tail tip.

7- Gopher

Also known as geomid, they are medium-sized rodents capable of weighing up to one kilo. They live in burrows near orchards or farms to feed on products grown by man.


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