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Infrastructure Of A Company: What It Is And Components

The infrastructure of a company is the facilities, structures and basic services on which the construction of a business lies. It is common to think of infrastructure as physical things, but software and basic services can also be considered infrastructure. Infrastructure means the basic structure of an organization or system. The infrastructure of a company

The 8 Main Functions Of A Supervisor

The  functions of a supervisor  range from linking departments within an organization to coordinating and distributing tasks. Supervisors must be proficient in the subject matter of their work, construct plans, and have the ability to direct. The word “supervise” derives from the Latin words super , which means “about”; and videre,  which means “to see.” Therefore,

Profesiography: Components, Importance And Examples

The profesiografía is a resource that is used to describe the competencies and skills needed to be met by a person time to take a position specific. Generally, this is done through a graphic representation made by a professional linked to the Human Resources area. Due to the complexity involved in its preparation, it may

What Is An Electronic Filing?

An electronic presentation is a graphic exhibition that uses some multimedia tool such as images, audios, electronic files, etc., which are transmitted through the Internet by an electronic device (mobile, computer, etc.).  The digital technology that is currently available can help create presentations that are not only informative but are also reusable. Many of the

How Do You Know What To Study At University?

To know what to study at university,  choose a good career and be happy during your years of studies, you will have to make a well thought out decision. “I don’t know what to study” is a phrase that parents and friends will have heard hundreds of times. With so many university degrees to choose from,

Sample Letter Of Recommendation (original)

Among the  examples of letters of recommendation include those used for employment, an academic letter, letters of personal references and letters of good conduct, among others. A recommendation letter is a letter, memo, or online item in which an author (usually a person in a supervisory role) assesses an individual’s skills, work habits, or accomplishments.

Organizational Conflict: Types, Stages And Example

The organizational conflict is a state of discord among members of an organization product disagreements, real or perceived, related to the needs, values, resources or interests. In the past, these situations were considered negative in all their aspects. At present, organizational conflict is analyzed as part of a normal and almost inevitable process, since the

What Is A Proof Of Employment? (with Examples)

A proof of employment , also called a proof of employment, is a document that confirms a person’s current or former employment status. Employees usually request it from their companies in order to provide information to a potential contractor, a government agent or a bank, among others. For example, a bank may ask for a