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The 11 Main Engineering Types And Their Characteristics

There are several types of engineering : civil, chemical, mineral, among others. This diversification is due to the great breadth of this discipline. The word “engineering” dates back several centuries, specifically to the times of ancient civilizations, which were characterized by their great constructions. It has its origin in the Latin word ‘ingenium’, which means

Densitometer: Operation, Types, Uses

A densitometer is a device that measures the degree of darkness of transparent or opaque surfaces, which is why it is considered a fundamental instrument for the study and quality of the image. In certain cases it is also called a “spectrodensitometer”. Likewise, the reading is obtained through the degree of absorption or reflection obtained

What Is The Periscope And What Is It For?

The periscope is an instrument used to observe objectives on, around or through an obstacle that prevents their vision.It was first developed in 1430 by Johannes Gutenberg, who marketed it to pilgrims so that they could look over the heads of the crowd at a religious festival held in Aachen. Since then, the periscope has

Differences Between Video Call And Video Conference

There are differences between video calls and video conferences despite the fact that they have a common purpose, which is to connect the whole world in both work, family and other environments.  We live in a globalized world in which technology develops by leaps and bounds and which is capable of surpassing us if we

What Is The Internet For? The 11 Main Uses

The Internet is currently used for activities as common as searching for information, traveling and finding places, talking by messaging, viewing photos on social networks, shopping, sending money or watching movies. Technological progress in this digital and electronic age has made the reach of the internet easier for people and saves them time.  The Internet