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Commercial Obligations: Sources, Modalities, Examples

Commercial obligations are legal relationships that arise when a person called a debtor contracts the duty to do or give something in favor of another person called a creditor. When this legal relationship between the person called the debtor and the creditor is generated by means of an act of commerce, it will be understood

Subjective Rights: Public And Private

The subjective rightsare the powers conferred by the legal system on a person in order to claim against others certain actions or omissions, understanding them as an obligation. There is no conflict between subjective and objective right. On the contrary, subjective right is justified and recognized thanks to objective right, which at the same time makes

Pre-hispanic Law: Origin And Characteristics

The prehispanic law is a concept that encompasses all laws and judicial systems that applied the ancient American civilizations before the arrival of Europeans to the continent. This right was used with a similar purpose to the current right: to maintain social order and avoid internal conflicts within communities. The law systems of antiquity were