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19 Cognitive Stimulation Activities For Older Adults

The stimulation activities  cognitive for seniors  are crucial to promote health, general welfare and to improve memory , attention and other executive functions.  Prevention takes on special relevance, and these exercises are recommended for any of us with the aim of slowing down aging. In fact, it is especially recommended that they begin between the

Occupational Therapy: History, Types And Common Activities

The  occupational therapy is a type of health discipline that is used to help individuals improve their mental health or social integration through the creation, recovery or maintenance of significant activities for the person. Typically used to treat mental disorders or disabilities. Occupational therapy is considered the only profession that helps people of all ages,

15 Common And Inexpensive Foods For Anxiety

Fighting anxiety often requires changing habits, one of the most important of which is diet. You can control this disorder without medication, although you will have to make big changes in your life.  In this article I will mention 15  foods to reduce anxiety, inexpensive and that you can find in any supermarket. By themselves

9 Activities For Active And Healthy Aging

The  active aging is the ability to have older people to remain active, with low risk of disease, committed to interpersonal relationships and participation in meaningful activities and high level of physical and mental activity. Currently, the increase in the population over 60 years is an epidemiological trend throughout the world. It is important to take