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Antispasmodics: Drugs, Mechanism Of Action, Uses, Effects

The antispasmodic are drugs used to alleviate, prevent or reduce muscle spasms of smooth muscle, especially digestive and urinary tract, and thereby reduce colic pain that this causes spasm. Antispasmodics are also called spasmolytics and from a pharmacological point of view they are parasympatholytic drugs, that is, they block the effect of the parasympathetic system,

Ankylosis: Symptoms, Types, Causes, Treatments

The ankylosis  is the functional limitation in a joint due to morphological alterations. The origin of the changes in joint architecture has to do with anatomical alterations, as well as inflammatory processes or trauma. The term comes from the Greek word anchylosis , which means link or tie. The joint is a structure that allows

Surgical Hand Washing: Objective And Procedure

The surgical hand washing  is a compulsory routine for less than 150 years ago. This scrubbing seeks to eliminate as many harmful microorganisms present on the hands and forearms before performing a surgical operation. Until the mid-nineteenth century, hand washing was not a routine practice. Some people even indicated that it could be a source

Spastic Diparesis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

The spastic diparesis or spastic diplegia is a type of cerebral palsy that affects the control of muscles and motor coordination. These patients suffer from an exaggerated increase in muscle tone, which is known as spasticity . This neurological disorder usually appears in childhood. It is distinguished by muscular rigidity and accentuated reflexes only in

Westermark Sign: Causes, Signs, False Positives

The Westermark ‘s sign  is a finding X – ray chest almost pathognomonic pulmonary thromboembolism without pulmonary infarction. When it appears, it does so early in the stage called acute pulmonary thromboembolism, thus allowing treatment to be started before the lung suffers the heart attack, which improves the prognosis of the clinical picture. It was

What Is The Semi-fowler Position?

The semi-Fowler position is an inclined position obtained by raising the head of the bed 25-40 cm, flexing the hips and placing a support under the knees so that they bend approximately 90ยบ, thus allowing the fluid in the abdominal cavity to accumulate in pelvis. It is similar to the Fowler position but with the

Digestive System Care: 10 Important Tips

Some of the most important digestive system cities are constant hydration, eating a balanced diet, avoiding sugars, saturated fat, and alcohol, and avoiding stress. The digestive system is a set of organs in the human body whose main function is to process the food you eat and thus be able to absorb the nutrients you