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Trigonometric Identities (examples And Exercises)

The trigonometric identities are relationships between trigonometric ratios, which are true for any value of the variable. For example: tan θ = sin θ / cos θ It is a trigonometric identity that relates three ratios of the angle θ, the tangent, the sine and the cosine of said angle. This identity is true for

How Many Tenths Fit In A Unit?

To answer the question How many tenths can fit in a unit ?, it is necessary first to know the definition of “tenth”. The origin of this word lies on the definition of Decimal Fraction, which is a fraction whose denominator is a multiple of 10. When the power of 10 has an exponent equal to

Conic Sections: Types, Applications, Examples

The conic sections are the curves obtained by intercepting a plane with a cone. There are several ways to do this; for example, if the plane is made to pass perpendicular to the axial axis of the cone, a circumference is obtained. By tilting the plane a little with respect to the axial axis of

Morgan’s Laws

The l eyes of Morgan are inference rules used in propositional logic, which establish what the result of denying a disjunction and a conjunction of propositions or propositional variables. These laws were defined by the mathematician Augustus De Morgan. Morgan’s laws represent a very useful tool to demonstrate the validity of mathematical reasoning. Later they