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Laplace Transform: Definition, History And What It Is For

The Laplace transform has been in recent years of great importance in engineering studies, mathematics, physics, among other scientific areas, as well as being of great interest in theory, provides a simple way to solve problems that come from science and engineering. Originally the Laplace transform was presented by Pierre-Simón Laplace in his study on

Mathematical Logic: Origin, What It Studies, Types

The mathematical logic or symbolic logic is a mathematical language that covers the tools through which one can affirm or deny a mathematical reasoning. It is well known that there are no ambiguities in mathematics. Given a mathematical argument, it is either valid or it simply is not. It cannot be false and true at

Notable Products: Explanation And Solved Exercises

The remarkable products are algebraic operations, where multiplications of polynomials are expressed, which do not need to be solved traditionally, but with the help of certain rules the results of the same can be found. Polynomials are multiplied by yes, therefore it is possible that they have a large number of terms and variables. To

Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Value, Derivatives, Examples, Exercises

The inverse trigonometric functions, as the name implies, are the corresponding inverse functions of the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant functions. Inverse trigonometric functions are denoted by the same name as their corresponding direct trigonometric function plus the prefix arc. Thus: one.- arcsen (x) is the inverse trigonometric function of the function sen (x)

4 Reasoned Addition Problems (with Solutions)

The problems reasoned sum we help solve everyday situations that can be; for example, when several items are purchased and their value must be added to determine the total to be paid. Using logical reasoning, these problems can be solved. The addition or addition, as its name implies, is a mathematical operation that consists of