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The 12 Ecoregions Of Bolivia And Their Characteristics

The ecoregions of Bolivia are areas formed by territories that share similar species, the same environmental conditions and similar ecological dynamics. In general, each ecoregion is independent of the rest. In Bolivia, it is currently considered that there are 12 ecoregions. Because five of these are subdivided, 23 different ecological regions can be distinguished.  

Aridoamérica: Characteristics, Climate, Flora, Fauna, Relief

Aridoamérica is a cultural region that is located between the north-central zone of Mexico and the southern United States. This term was coined to denote the cultural region existing before European colonization in these territories. It limits to the south with Mesoamerica and to the north with Oasisamérica . Aridoamérica is characterized by an arid and

Political Division: Concept And Division Of The World

The political division is used to demarcate the limits between countries and, in turn, the limits of their territorial political units. The government of each country exercises its sovereignty within these limits. These divisions of the world respond to a series of circumstances, historical, cultural and social events that have been determining factors in the composition

The Most Important Rivers In Colombia

The most important rivers in Colombia are, among others, the Magdalena, Caquetá or the Amazon rivers . These rivers play an important role in the daily life of the Colombians who live around them; they are the economic impulse of a country with an important drainage system. They provide water for millions of people who

What Are The Political Components Of The Geographic Space?

The political components of the geographic space  are those that are manifested across the borders between countries and their respective administrative divisions, as well as in the different forms of government that nations have. On the other hand, geographical space includes the organization of society from a spatial or territorial point of view. It is the

What Are Endogenous And Exogenous Earth Processes?

The endogenous and exogenous processes on Earth occur because our planet is made up of many different geological processes. The forces that cause these processes come from both above and below the Earth’s surface. The processes that are caused by forces inside the Earth are called endogenous processes. There are three main endogenous processes: folding, failure, and