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100 Recommended Movies Based On A True Story

Today I recommend a list of  movies based on real events , horror, sad, love, drama, business, historical or self-improvement. You may already know some of them, but you can meet others to see them in your free time.  Surely on many occasions you have finished watching a movie and have been totally impressed to

Reactive Training: Training, Types And Examples

The  reaction formation is a psychoanalytic concept that tries to explain the occurrence of certain behaviors, habits and behaviors. According to this current, some ways of acting would be created in the unconscious mind, as a reaction to a repressed desire. Thus, they would be headed in the opposite direction to which it would point.

Green Color: Meaning And Psychology

The green color is between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum; She is the protagonist of almost everything that Mother Nature does. It is a vital and energetic color because it reminds us of life on Earth, that place that some like to call “green planet”. The psychology and meaning of the color green

What Is The Borromean Knot?

The Borromean knot is used in the psychoanalytic theory proposed by Jacques Lacan to refer to a structure composed of three rings, corresponding to the link of the three existing registers in every speaking subject. These are the register of the real, the register of the imaginary, and the register of the symbolic. The knotting of