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Dicente: Origin, Meaning, Etymology, Synonyms

The word ” deponent ” refers to a person who says he speaks, it is directed towards one or more individuals. An action or fact that speaks for itself or that is evident and very clear is also called a saying. Etymologically speaking, the word “dicente” comes from the Latin “dicens” and “entis” and is

Footbath: Meaning, Origin, Examples, Uses

A foot bath is called a foot bath or soak that is generally done for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. This can be in natural, mineralized, ionized, flavored water or with different colors, to name a few cases. There are different benefits that a foot bath can have, from deep cleaning of the feet to improving

How Do You Say Banana In Spain?

In Spain the word plantain is used to refer to the small fruit, known in the rest of the world as banana, guineo or cambur. On the other hand, in Spain the word banana is used to refer to the largest fruit, with less starch, used in the preparation of cooked recipes as a contour of

What Is Soperutane?

People with low intelligence or reduced intellectual abilities are called  soperutano , which is commonly known as “fool”. It refers to people who have little capacity in one or more types of intelligence.  Intelligence is the capacity for logic, understanding, emotional awareness, creativity, learning, etc. and is characterized by motivation and self-awareness. Intelligence allows you