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Jean-françois Lyotard: Biography, Thoughts, Contributions, Phrases, Works

Jean-François Lyotard (1924-1998) was a renowned sociologist and philosopher of French nationality. He was characterized by his interdisciplinary knowledge, since his works covered very varied topics such as postmodern and modern art, music, criticism, communication, epistemology, literature and even cinema. One of Lyotard’s main contributions was his notion about the concept of postmodernity. For the

José Sarukhán Kermez: Biography, Contributions, Awards

José Sarukhán Kermez (1940) is a Mexican biologist, researcher and academic who has dedicated his life to defending the planet’s biodiversity. His scientific work has focused on the ecology of plant populations, conservation of ecosystems, as well as the sustainable development of the population. He has been a winner of international awards and recognitions due