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Salvador Alvarado Rubio: Biography, Works And Quotes

Salvador Alvarado Rubio (1880-1924) was a Mexican military man and intellectual, known as one of the most important representatives of the Central American Revolution. This scholar participated in the war in order to free the Mesoamerican country from dictatorship and oppression. General Alvarado was against the ideals of Porfirio Díaz and, along with other soldiers

Benjamín Hill: Biography Of The Mexican Military

Benjamín G. Hill (1874-1920) was a military man who fought in the Mexican Revolution fought in Mexico between 1910 and 1917. He held important positions during the armed conflict, including that of Governor of the Mexican State of Sonora, as well as Minister of War and Navy of Mexico. He participated in military campaigns that

Wyatt Earp: Biography

Wyatt Earp (1848-1929) was a sheriff, law man, player and police marshal who had a relevant figure for the Western United States. He was involved in the OK Corral shooting, alongside Doc Holliday, a very close gunman and casino gambling player. He was incorruptible and enforced the law whatever it was. He tried to confront