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Aerophobia: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

The  aerofobia  is specific phobia of flying, can cause tachycardia, sweating hands and panic attacks. People who are afraid to get on a plane may feel anxious and apprehensive when they must fly, but many manage to control themselves and get on a plane anyway. On the contrary, people who suffer from aerophobia directly cannot even

Trypophobia: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

The trypophobia , phobia holes, the holes or points, is the extreme fear or repulsion caused by any standard, particularly holes or small holes close together geometric figures, but can also be small rectangles or circles convex. It is a fairly common phobia in humans, although little known in reality. While trypophobia not listed in

Nomophobia: Symptoms, Causes, Consequences, Treatment

The  nomofobia  is a newly emerging disease that refers to an irrational and intense fear of being away from the mobile phone or solitary confinement somehow. It is an increasingly common psychological condition in Western countries, especially among the younger population. The term “nomophobia” arises as an abbreviation of the English phrase “no mobile phone