Differences Between Video Call And Video Conference

There are differences between video calls and video conferences despite the fact that they have a common purpose, which is to connect the whole world in both work, family and other environments. 

We live in a globalized world in which technology develops by leaps and bounds and which is capable of surpassing us if we do not grow and use our knowledge alongside it.

differences video call videoconference

An example of these advances are the well-known videoconferences and video calls, which for people of past generations, like our grandparents, can seem like something out of a science fiction movie.

Differences between video call and video conference

1- Number of connected users

Videoconferencing is mainly considered a tool used for meetings or work meetings in which more than two people will be present, seminars and even online courses.

On the other hand, a video call is a quick and informal way to contact another person.

Usually only two people interact in a video call. Video calls have replaced phone calls in offices.

2- Smartphones vs computers and projectors

A video call allows communication between two people using audio and video resources mainly on cell phones.

Although a video conference can be done through a cell phone, this is not as common.

To carry out a videoconference, the use of a desktop or laptop computer is recommended and in some cases a projector is also used.

3- Tools and data

A video conference allows you to share information such as graphs, tables, diagrams, or file sharing. While in a video call this type of data is not shared.

4- Budget

Another difference between video calls and video conferences is that the former are much cheaper than the latter.

A video call is made from a cell phone which is paid for through a monthly data plan.

Videoconferencing, on the other hand, when used in companies or large companies, requires a system that is sometimes designed according to the needs of said company and therefore is more expensive.

The audio and video transfer capabilities are not the same as those provided by a cell phone for a video call.

5- Software power

Another difference between the two communications is that the video call is much easier to make and you only need to have an application such as Skype or those included in Facebook or WhatsApp that allow us to make it.

On the other hand, to carry out a videoconference, slightly more complex systems and programs are needed.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that nowadays progress has been made in this field and it would not be a surprise that in a matter of a short time videoconferences are as fast and easy to carry out as video calls.

Certainly both tools fulfill their objective and allow us to be in immediate contact with our family, friends or work colleagues no matter where we are on the planet.


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