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What Is Exogamy?

The outcrossing is a rule for choosing spouse, where marital relationships between members of the same group or kinship system are prohibited. This rule determines that the spouse must be chosen from a clan that is different from his own, prohibiting marriages between relatives. In today’s society, the rule is specifically delimited to prohibit marriages

Megadiverse Countries: Characteristics And List

The megadiverse countries are those with high levels of biodiversity. The first time the term was used was in 1997 in an investigation by researcher Russell Mittermeier. Mittermeier estimated the number of species of different taxonomic groups to establish the list of countries with the greatest diversity in the world. Subsequently, in 2002, the first

How Do Whales Breathe?

The whales breathe through the lungs, reason usually rise to the surface of the ocean to air.It is important to note that, because whales live in the oceans, many people consider them to be fish. However, whales are actually mammals. Mammals are a group of animals that breathe using their lungs, that give birth to

30 Chemical Reactions Of Everyday Life

The chemical reactions we can find in everyday life in general. This is the answer that a chemist could give you without error to exaggerate. For example, when a match burns, a combustion reaction occurs. And it is that someone eager in this matter will try to see things from the molecular or atomic point

What Is The Astronomical Position Of Europe?

The astronomical position of Europe is 35 degrees north latitude to 75 degrees north latitude and from 25 degrees west longitude to 35 degrees east longitude. The reason for the change in direction from west to east longitude is because the prime meridian is at zero degrees. Europe is located in the northern hemisphere and