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Borderline Personality Disorder: Symptoms And Causes

The  borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder characterized by having turbulent lives, moods and unstable personal relationships, and have a low self – esteem. BPD occurs most often in early adulthood. The unsustainable pattern of interaction with others persists for years and is usually related to the person’s self-image. This pattern of behavior

Phrenology: History And Featured Phrenologists

The  Phrenology  is a pseudoscience based on the study of personality and psychological characteristics of a person by measuring his skull. The term comes from two ancient Greek words,  phren  (meaning “mind”) and  logos  (translated as “knowledge”). The idea behind phrenology is that the brain is the organ in which the mind is located, and

Synesthesia: Characteristics, Types And Functioning

The synesthesia is a peculiar process of perceptual systems in which humans are treated together various types of feelings concerning different meanings in the same perceptive act. In this way, the person manages to perceive as a whole two different perceptions such as sound and color. It seems strange that this can happen, but it

Edward Thorndike: Biography, Experiments, Law Of Effect

Edward L. Thorndike  (1874-1949) was an American psychologist whose work focused on the study of animal learning and behavior. He was one of the most important researchers in this discipline in the 20th century, being also one of the creators of educational psychology and the theory known as connectionism. Thorndike spent much of his career

Dermatilomania: Characteristics, Data And Treatments

The excoriation disorder is a disorder characterized psychopathological suffering from a dire need for touching, scraping, rubbing, scrubbing or rubbing the skin. People who suffer from this disorder are unable to resist performing such behaviors, so they scratch their skin impulsively to mitigate the anxiety that does not do it. Obviously, suffering this psychological alteration

Organizational Psychology: History, What It Studies, Areas, Techniques, Authors

The  organizational psychology , also known as industrial psychology or work, is an applied branch derived from the study of human behavior. This discipline is responsible for understanding all the psychological and behavioral factors in the field of work, and applies the theories drawn from psychology in general to different topics related to companies and

140 Personal Questions To Meet Someone

Today I bring you 140  personal questions to get to know someone better , boy or girl, teenager, adult, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or anyone. Surely more than once you have wanted to know more about the person in front of you, if they like you, if they are compatible with you or simply know

Behavior Problems In Children And Classrooms How To Treat Them?

The behavior problems in the classroom of elementary school children, preschool and generally in childhood are due in many cases children receive more attention – and more reforzamiento- when they misbehave when they act Correctly. For a psychoeducational treatment in the child and adolescent population to be successful, parents must be fully involved in modifying these behaviors,

Reactive Training: Training, Types And Examples

The  reaction formation is a psychoanalytic concept that tries to explain the occurrence of certain behaviors, habits and behaviors. According to this current, some ways of acting would be created in the unconscious mind, as a reaction to a repressed desire. Thus, they would be headed in the opposite direction to which it would point.