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Acquired Brain Damage: Causes, Consequences And Treatment

The acquired brain injury ( DCA ) is an injury that occurs in a brain that had hitherto presented normal development or expected. It can be the result of different causes: head injuries (TBI), cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), brain tumors, anoxia, hypoxia, encephalitis, etc. (De Noreña et al., 2010). In some cases, the scientific literature uses the

Alfred Binet: Biography And Contributions To Psychology

Alfred Binet  (1857-1911) was a French psychologist, pedagogue and graphologist, known for his contributions to experimental and differential psychology, psychometry and especially for his contributions to educational development. He is considered the father of the intelligence test. Among his most outstanding works, and for which he is most recognized, is for having been the creator,

Attachment Theory: Principles, Periods And Patterns

The  theory of Bowlby’s attachment is a psychological model that initially focused on describing the development of relations between children and their primary caregivers during the early stages of his life. Later, however, her conclusions have become generalized and today are considered applicable to all human relationships, including those of a couple. John Bowlby, the

100 Recommended Movies Based On A True Story

Today I recommend a list of  movies based on real events , horror, sad, love, drama, business, historical or self-improvement. You may already know some of them, but you can meet others to see them in your free time.  Surely on many occasions you have finished watching a movie and have been totally impressed to

Brain Tumors: Types, Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

The brain tumors are one type of disease characterized by abnormal tissue formation in both the brain and the spinal cord (National Institute of Cancer, 2015). It is an abnormal accumulation of cells that form a mass (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2016). Despite the fact that the body of knowledge about this