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Denotative Language: Characteristics, Examples

He denotative languageIt is one that is used to say things in an objective way, without any kind of interpretation. Through it, the precise and literal definition of a word is obtained as it could be found in a dictionary.  In this sense, denotation represents the explicit or referential meaning of a word. This refers to

The 11 Most Popular Honduran Novel Writers

The writers of novels Honduran began to emerge in the colonial era, in the seventeenth century. However, the most renowned novel writers were born in the 19th century. In this century, writers stood out with a series of novels with themes related to history. It is relevant to know that Honduran writing in recent years

100 Examples Of Compound Syllables

The composite syllables are syllables those that consist of a vowel and two or more consonants. They differ from simple syllables in that they are only formed from a vowel and a consonant. For this reason, compound syllables are longer than their plain or straightforward counterparts. A syllable is a linguistic division that forms a

14 Famous Authors Of Fables And Their Works

Some of the most prominent authors of fables throughout history have been Aesop, Jean de la Fontaine or Tomás de Iriarte. The fable is a short fictional story, which can be represented in prose or verse , and is characterized by having characters characterized by animals or humanized objects. The main objective of the fable is

Examples Of Similes In Sentences, Poems, Songs And Stories

The simile is a literary figure that allows to establish differences, comparison and similarities between two elements, whether they are objects, people, animals, thoughts, ideas or emotions. A characteristic of this literary device is that in the statement the participating elements are named, which differentiates it from the metaphor. An example of a simile is