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What Was The Molotov Plan?

The Molotov Plan was a system proposed by the Soviet Union to provide economic aid to the countries that remained in its area of ​​influence after World War II . The name comes from the then Soviet Foreign Minister, Viacheslav Molotov. By the end of the war, Europe had been practically completely destroyed. The continent,

Mariano Matamoros: Biography

Mariano Matamoros (1770-1814) was a Mexican Catholic priest who participated as a revolutionary soldier in the Mexican War of Independence against Spain in the early 19th century. Matamoros was considered the right hand of José María Morelos during the war. He was one of the 400 priests who got involved in the War of Independence.

What Does Tahuantinsuyo Mean?

The word Tahuantinsuyo (Tawaintin Suyu in the Quechua script) is the original name of the Inca Empire, coming to mean “four Regions”. Specifying, “Tahua” or “tawa” means a group of 4 elements and “yours” or “susyu” means region, area or province. It was the name given to the largest and oldest empire developed in the

School Of The Annales: Origin, Characteristics And Methodology

The School of the Annales is a different way of studying history and a historiographic movement that emerged in the 20th century. This school takes anthropological, sociological, economic, geographical, and psychological events into consideration when studying history. Traditionally, only political events and the fall of important figures were used to determine the end of certain

Shield Of Peru: History And Meaning

The coat of arms of Peru is one of the symbols that, together with the national anthem and the national flag, correspond to the set of civic symbols that represent the image and identity of Peru as a sovereign nation on the international scene. It is exhibited by the different organs of the Peruvian State

Ethnohistory: Object Of Study, Origins, Concepts, Methodology

The ethnohistoryis dedicated to the study of indigenous human groups based on their culture and history. This discipline includes not only current indigenous communities but also those that existed before, during and after colonization. This approach is characterized by being interdisciplinary since it uses different approaches to the study of human life such as anthropology,

Flag Of Valencia (venezuela): History And Meaning

The flag of Venezuela (capital and most populated city of the Carabobo State), is one of the civic symbols of the town, along with the shield and the anthem. All three symbols were completely modified at the end of the first decade of this century. The current design was approved in 2009 under the authority of

Historical Method: Characteristics, Stages, Examples

The historical method or historical research is a research process used to gather evidence of events that occurred in the past and its subsequent formulation of ideas or theories about history. It comprises several rules or methodological techniques to analyze relevant data on a historical topic, allowing the researcher to synthesize the information to build