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History Of Music Since Prehistory

The music historyit begins thousands of years ago, in prehistory. The earliest forms of music they could have occurred in the Stone Age , about 3 million years ago. It is about the time when humans made use of stone to create tools. The creation of stone objects and tools, and activities such as crushing seeds,

Battle Of Lircay: Causes, Development, Consequences

The battle of Lircay was a warlike confrontation that pitted the two sides in the civil war that began in Chile in 1829. The battle took place on the banks of the Lircay River, near Talca, on April 17, 1830. The triumph of the Conservatives was the beginning of the so-called Conservative Republic. The confrontations

Lucien Febvre: Biography And Works

Lucien Febvre (1878 – 1956) was a French historian who obtained important recognition for his performance in the organization of intellectual projects of great importance for the 19th century. His participation in the establishment of the School of the Annales and his contribution as one of the main editors of the French Encyclopedia , were

War Of Arauco: Causes, Stages, Consequences

The War of Arauco is the name given to the confrontations that took place during almost three centuries between the Mapuches and the Hispanics, Creoles and Chileans, depending on the moment. It was not a war maintained throughout that time, but there were more intense periods and others almost of tense coexistence. The Mapuche Indians

Shield Of Tacna: History And Meaning

The shield of Tacna officially came into use on March 13, 2009 through Municipal Ordinance 0005-09. It has a traditional golden heraldry shape, ornamented at the top by laurel branches, and includes the national colors of Peru. It represents the independence of the nation and its resistance to belonging to a foreign power . Located in