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Occupational Therapy: History, Types And Common Activities

The  occupational therapy is a type of health discipline that is used to help individuals improve their mental health or social integration through the creation, recovery or maintenance of significant activities for the person. Typically used to treat mental disorders or disabilities. Occupational therapy is considered the only profession that helps people of all ages,

15 Health Benefits Of Cilantro

The benefits of coriander  are varied: it improves the quality of sleep, regulates menstruation, prevents cancer, improves digestion, fights acne, helps to lose weight, improves the condition of the skin and others that we will explain below. Coriander is an easily acquired herb that is common on the table to season salads, combine it with

13 Great Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

The benefits and properties of cinnamon are numerous: it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, it fights against acne, slows down aging, improves digestion and stimulates appetite, helps to lose weight, reduces pain, stimulates brain functions … The cinnamon is the bottom of the shell containing the branches of the cinnamon. The green plant is about

10 Home Remedies For Cystitis (natural)

The home remedies for cystitis are based on habits that strengthen your immune system, healthy habits, hygiene and conservation of the normal bacterial flora of the body. This annoying inflammation is usually related to urinary infections. If they occur in the bladder it is called cystitis; if they appear at the level of the urethra,

7 Great Properties Of Persimmon For Health

The properties of persimmon range from its ability to promote weight loss to its antioxidant power, through its high levels of vitamin C and its benefits for heart health. The persimmon fruit belongs to the Diospyros genus of the Ebenaceae family and according to the botanical classification it is a type of berry. They are

What Are Prebiotic Foods? (examples And Benefits)

The prebiotics are  fiber composites which pass undigested through the upper gastrointestinal tract , and stimulate the growth or activity of beneficial bacteria colonizing the large intestine. They are substances that induce the growth or activity of microorganisms (for example, bacteria and fungi) that contribute to the well-being of the body. A definition for children

Malojillo: Benefits, Nutritional Data, Contraindications

The health benefits of malojillo are multiple: fight fungi and bacteria, treat allergies, protect from stress, relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, repel mosquitoes and others that I will explain below. Its scientific name is Cymbopogon citratus and it is commonly known as lemongrass or oil grass. It has a refreshing lemon-lime flavor, with a hint

High Albumin (hyperalbuminemia): Symptoms, Causes

The high albumin is medically known as hyperalbuminemia, and means an excess or high concentration of albumin in the blood. The serum albumin concentration is typically 35-50 g / L (3.5-5.0 g / dl). Proteins are building blocks of the human body, so albumin and globulin are essential proteins for healthy body function. Albumin represents more