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The 10 Most Popular Traditions And Customs Of Jalisco

One of the most important traditions and customs  of Jalisco is the anniversary of the founding of Guadalajara, the capital city of the state. This festival is celebrated on February 14 and includes cultural presentations (mariachi concerts, typical dances, singing competitions, among others). Jalisco also presents various religious festivals, among which stand out the day

Rational Knowledge: Characteristics And Examples

The rational knowledge is one that involves all intellectual experiences that are apprehended through observation and reflection on the nature of the objects that belong to empirical reality. Consequently, rational knowledge is broad because it ranges from physicochemical disciplines to philosophical and logical reflections. In the first instance, it is necessary to establish that knowledge

What Are The Differences Between Myth And Legend?

There are differences between myth and legend , their content and their scope in society. These stories are about various topics, places, people, events, and things. Some are based on real characters, while others have fictional elements and supernatural elements, such as special powers, magic, and sorcery. In each region there is its own culture,

The 7 Most Important Clamping Elements

The fasteners in engineering are rivets, welds, screws, nuts, clamps, bolts, and washers. Each of these elements fulfills the function of maintaining the mechanical connection between two or more parts of an application. These elements are common in all types of machinery, regardless of size or use. Here is the importance of fastening elements at an

What Is The Meaning Of Tabasco?

The meaning of the word “Tabasco”  dates back to the time of colonization. There are several versions and each of these gives a different origin to this word. As a general rule, names are a result of nomenclatures of terms that define in some way the place and the idiosyncrasy of its original inhabitants. This

Errata: Origin, Uses And Examples

An errata are the errors found in the published books or magazines printed material resulting from mechanical failures of some kind. Said corrections are found in a section within the same publication, in which the nature of the error and its location within the context are indicated. This method is applied in those cases where the