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Flag Of Romania: History And Meaning

The Romanian flag has its origin in the 19th century, when the country’s rebels took on the government using a flag similar to the one used by the country today. Although the design of the Romanian flag has changed several times, it has always kept the same colors. It has its origin in the colors

31 Topics For Classroom Discussion [controversial]

Among the topics to discuss in class they highlight the legality of the death penalty, animal testing, the legalization of abortion, climate change and the implementation of censorship, among many others. Classrooms are often a good setting to touch on controversial topics. Having topics for discussion in class can encourage conversation and discussion in training

Top 10 Characteristics Of China

The People’s Republic of China, also known simply as “China”, is a country located in the eastern part of the Asian continent. It is famous for being the country with the third largest total territory in the world, covering 9,596,960 square kilometers. Its official language is Mandarin, spoken by more than 800 million people –

Flag Of Russia: History And Meaning

The  current Russian flag has flown in the country as an official banner since 1993. It is the second flag of the current Russian Federation, established two years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Its design is made up of three horizontal stripes of the same size. The upper strip is white, the central

Flag Of Belize: History And Meaning

The flag of Belize is the official flag that identifies this nation and acts as a symbol of union, since there are different elements that represent the political parties that made history in Belize. The royal blue background represents the United People’s Party and the red stripes symbolize the United Democratic Party. The white disk

Post-industrial Society: Characteristics And Examples

The post-industrial society is proposed to define in terms of social and economic system, stage of development to that achieved by industrial societies concept. If industrial societies were defined by a strong development of the industrial sector, the post-industrial era involved a transition from an economy based on industry to one based on services. This

13 Traditions And Customs Of Colima (mexico)

The traditions and customs of Colima are the result of the mixture of aboriginal, Spanish, African and Philippine cultures. The amalgamation between these worlds began in colonial times. The Spanish contributed elements such as the bullfights and the charreadas (rodeos), the Africans brought the mojigangas (which are large puppets) and influenced the dances of the