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Jean-françois Lyotard: Biography, Thoughts, Contributions, Phrases, Works

Jean-François Lyotard (1924-1998) was a renowned sociologist and philosopher of French nationality. He was characterized by his interdisciplinary knowledge, since his works covered very varied topics such as postmodern and modern art, music, criticism, communication, epistemology, literature and even cinema. One of Lyotard’s main contributions was his notion about the concept of postmodernity. For the

Family Life Cycle: Stages, Transitions, Crisis, Marketing

The family life cycle  refers to the progressive stages that a family goes through . These produce changes in their composition and, therefore, in the relationships between the members. In addition, the family is susceptible to internal and external factors, such as the cultural system, social values ​​and expectations, political changes, among others. The concept

The 6 Validity Elements Of The Legal Act

The elements of validity of the legal act are the manifestation of will, legality, absence of defects, capacity, formality and form. These 6 elements address the necessary requirements to qualify a legal act as legal and give the necessary endorsement, for example, to a contract between two or more people. Several authors consider that the

External Migration: Causes, Factors And Consequences

The external migration  is the movement of people moving from one country to another by changing its place of residence permanently or for a long period. Two types of migration are distinguished: internal migration (people emigrate within the same country or region) and external migration (people emigrate from one country to another). Every year millions

Importance Of Agriculture In Venezuela At Present

At present, the importance of agriculture in Venezuela continues to be key to the country’s development. This despite the fact that Venezuela’s main economic income continues to come from oil. During the last decades, the phenomenon of the Bolivarian revolution promoted by Hugo Chávez tried to pay greater attention to the neglected agricultural activity of

The Importance Of Oil In Venezuela: 10 Reasons

The importance of oil in Venezuela lies in being one of the first sources of wealth in the country’s economy. In other parts of the world its use is vital to generate heat in houses during winter and produce electricity. Other petroleum derivatives are used to obtain plastics, in the agricultural industry with fertilizers, cosmetics, clothing and

The 6 Most Popular Insular Region Customs

The customs of the Insular Region of Colombia are all those habits acquired by its inhabitants, due to frequent practice. They come from each of your cultural roots. Customs are forms of behavior that a community assumes and that differentiates it from other communities. Parties, dances, languages, food and crafts are the most common. They