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Mass Extinction: Causes And The Most Important

Mass extinctions are events characterized by the disappearance of a large number of biological species in a short time. This type of extinction is usually terminal, that is, a species and its relatives disappear without leaving offspring. Mass extinctions differ from other extinctions by being abrupt and by eliminating large numbers of species and individuals.

Muscarinic Receptors: Structure, Types And Their Functions, Antagonists

The muscarinic receptors are molecules that mediate the actions of acetylcholine (ACh) and are located in the postsynaptic membrane of synapses in which said neurotransmitter is released; its name comes from its sensitivity to the muscarine alkaloid produced by the Amanita muscaria fungus . In the central nervous system there are several neuronal assemblages whose

Ethnobotany: Object Of Study, History, Methodology

The ethnobotany is the scientific discipline that is responsible for the systematic and multidisciplinary study of the multiple relationships (past and present) that set humans with plants. These relationships are studied within the cultural context of social groups that use plants for the cure of various ailments and diseases. The ethnobotanical studies of plants can

Cyanidin: Structure, Where It Is Found, Benefits

The cyanidin is a chemical compound belonging to the group of anthocyanins. These bioactive compounds have the ability to reduce oxidative damage, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic properties, hence they are of interest in various pharmacological studies. Additionally, anthocyanins possess characteristics of natural water-soluble colorants. These are responsible for the red, blue and purple

Where Did Hominids Originate?

Scientific evidence indicates that hominids originated on the continent of Africa; the East African region is specifically indicated. Most hominid fossils, as well as the oldest ones, have been found throughout the African continent. This is one of the main reasons why it is theorized that modern humans developed in Africa. The hominin family separated from