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Spirochaetes: General Characteristics, Morphology, Systematic

Spirochaetes is a phylum of bacteria characterized by being gram-negative and possessing a unique cellular ultrastructure. They have internal motility organelles called periplasmic flagella, which allow them to flex, rotate on their longitudinal axis, and move in liquid and semi-solid media. Spirochaetes is one of the few bacterial phyla whose phenotypic characteristics account for its

Vitex Agnus-castus: Characteristics, Habitat, Properties, Care

The species Vitex agnus-castus is a deciduous, aromatic and medicinal shrub that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Known as chaste tree, chaste tree, chasteberry, trigger willow, chastity herb or monk’s pepper, it is a plant native to the Mediterranean basin. It is a highly branched, medium-sized shrub with greenish-gray lanceolate leaves and thin, compact-looking branches.

25 Desert Animals And Their Characteristics

Some of the most representative desert animals are camel, dingo, coyote, gerbil, desert scorpion, among others. Animals that live in the desert often have adaptation methods that allow them to survive in the extreme conditions of this ecosystem . For example, camels and dromedaries can go long periods of time without ingesting water. Deserts are regions

10 Endemic Plants Of Ecuador

Some of the most outstanding endemic plants of Ecuador are the Dracula vampira, Juglans neotropica, Gentianella longibarbata, Bejaria subsessilis, Cotopaxia asplundii, Polylepis microphylla or Taxilejeunea galapagensis. Ecuador is one of the twelve megadiverse countries on the planet. That is, it has a great variety of animal and plant species in its territorial extension, which makes

Squirrels: Characteristics, Habitat, Reproduction, Behavior

The squirrels are rodents belonging to the family Sciuridae. They are characterized by having slim and agile bodies and by their long and dense tails. Commonly, this species is classified as arboreal, ground or flying squirrels, presenting morphologically notable differences. Ground squirrels typically have thick, strong forelegs, which they use to burrow into the ground.

Giardia Lamblia: Characteristics, Morphology, Life Cycle

Giardia lamblia is a cosmopolitan flagellate protozoan that causes parasitosis in humans called giardiasis. This parasitosis is one of the main causes of gastrointestinal diseases worldwide, becoming a public health problem. Its presence is associated with a wide range of intestinal symptoms, characterized mainly by benign enteritis, but in chronic cases it can be accompanied by