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Shield Of Pasto: History And Meaning

The shield of San Juan de Pasto  is a heraldic symbol that represents the Colombian municipality of Pasto, the capital of the department of NariƱo, known as the surprise city of Colombia. The exact date of its foundation is uncertain, although it is presumed that it was June 24, 1537. A similar situation occurs with

Flag Of Lithuania: History And Meaning

The flag of Lithuania is the national flag of this Baltic republic member of the European Union. It is made up of three horizontal stripes of the same size. Its colors are yellow, green and red. It has been in force since 1988, although its first establishment dates from 1918. Historically, Lithuania was marked by

Brain Fissures And Their Characteristics

The  fissures of the brain are the grooves and folds present on the surface of the cerebral cortex. They are the part that gives the brain its wrinkled appearance ; and its function is fundamental in the development of human intelligence and our higher mental capacities. Fissures of the brain can be divided into convolutions

Flag Of Sweden: History And Meaning

The Swedish flag  has a light blue background, with a yellow cross distributed horizontally across the flag. Its design has changed little in more than 500 years. The current flag is believed to be based on one of the coats of arms of the Kingdom of Sweden in the 15th century. This flag has been