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Typical Yucatan Costumes: Main Characteristics

The typical costumes of Yucatan are an important part of the traditional Mexican clothing and were born as a result of the native and European mixture that occurred in the peninsula. Yucatán is a Mexican state located in the southeast zone. Together with the states of Quintana Roo and Campeche, it forms the Yucatan peninsula.

Flag Of Barbados: History And Meaning

The flag of Barbados is the most important national symbol of this Caribbean country. It was established in 1966, after independence. It is made up of three vertical stripes: blue, yellow and blue. In the central part of the yellow stripe there is a black trident. Barbados was for many decades a colony of the

Raúl Porras Barrenechea: Biography And Works

Raúl Porras Barrenechea (1897-1960) is one of the most outstanding Peruvian thinkers of the last century. A renowned teacher, historian, essayist, diplomat and politician, he always had teaching as a true passion. Whether in school classrooms, university classrooms, in gatherings, seminars or conversations, he always transmitted his passion for Peruvian history and thought, leaving an

What Is An Opinion Letter? (features And Examples)

An opinion letter or open letter is a posting of protest or complaint usually addressed to an individual, but intentionally made for the general public. These pieces are traditionally published by magazines and newspapers. However, due to space limitations in the design of the publication, this right is reserved to recognized personalities and specific persons

43 Featured Gender Equity Examples

Some examples of gender equity are the right to vote for both sexes, freedom of clothing, the same job opportunities or economic independence. Gender equality is a human right that indicates that both men and women should live with the same dignity, rights and freedom. In this sense, gender equity promotes the construction of fairer