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History Of Music Since Prehistory

The music historyit begins thousands of years ago, in prehistory. The earliest forms of music they could have occurred in the Stone Age , about 3 million years ago. It is about the time when humans made use of stone to create tools. The creation of stone objects and tools, and activities such as crushing seeds,

Adaptive Radiation: Process, Types And Examples

The adaptive radiation is a phenomenon involving the evolutionary diversification of a set of species that leads to the appearance, for “fast” adaptation to different ecological niches, new forms from the same ancestral species. The concept of adaptive radiation was proposed by Charles Darwin, a 19th century English naturalist, after a trip he undertook to

What Is The Scientific Model? (example)

The scientific model is an abstract representation of phenomena and processes to explain them. A scientific model is a visual representation of the solar system in which the relationship between planets, the Sun and movements is appreciated . Through the introduction of data in the model allows to study the final result. To make a model

What Are The Plateaus Of Honduras? (and Its Features)

The plateaus of HondurasThey are distributed in the mountain ranges that make up 80% of its territory. A plateau is a tall, flat landform that rises sharply above the surrounding area on at least one side. Honduras is the most mountainous country in Central America and has distinct series of mountain ranges that divide the

Equilibrium Quantity: How To Calculate It And Example

The balance amount is an economic term representing the quantity of an item that demand at the point of economic equilibrium. It is the point where the supply and demand curves intersect. It is the amount that is exchanged when a market is in equilibrium. The equilibrium quantity is simultaneously equal to the quantity demanded

Occupational Therapy: History, Types And Common Activities

The  occupational therapy is a type of health discipline that is used to help individuals improve their mental health or social integration through the creation, recovery or maintenance of significant activities for the person. Typically used to treat mental disorders or disabilities. Occupational therapy is considered the only profession that helps people of all ages,