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What Are The Political Components Of The Geographic Space?

The political components of the geographic space  are those that are manifested across the borders between countries and their respective administrative divisions, as well as in the different forms of government that nations have. On the other hand, geographical space includes the organization of society from a spatial or territorial point of view. It is the

What Are The 3 Elements Of A Vector?

The elements of a vector are the direction, the distance and the modulus. In mathematics, physics, and engineering, a vector is a geometric object that has a magnitude (or length) and direction. According to vector algebra, vectors can be added to other vectors. A vector is what is needed to get from point A to

Humoral Immunity: Theory, Effector Mechanisms, Examples

The humoral immunity , also known as immune response mediated by antibodies, is one of the most important mechanisms of the organisms defense against invasion by microorganisms or toxins extracellular. Specifically, humoral immunity refers to immunity mediated by blood factors, which are serum proteins known as “antibodies” that function in responses to infections and are

Where Did Hominids Originate?

Scientific evidence indicates that hominids originated on the continent of Africa; the East African region is specifically indicated. Most hominid fossils, as well as the oldest ones, have been found throughout the African continent. This is one of the main reasons why it is theorized that modern humans developed in Africa. The hominin family separated from

The Whisperers (the Walking Dead): History, Members

The Whisperers, also known as The Whisperers  in their English version, are an antagonistic group of people who dominate the walkers (the walkers) and uses their skins to camouflage themselves and go unnoticed among them. [ ATTENTION – spoilers ]. They are part of the regular comic series The walking dead and they are survivors of