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100 Phrases Of Errors And Mistakes To Ponder

I leave you the best  phrases of errors and mistakes in life in general and in love, from great authors such as George Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde or Alexander Pope. The error is conceptually something that is not correct, true or even correct. As human beings, we are not perfect; therefore,

Biomembranes: Structure And Functions

The biomembranes are structures, very dynamic and selective mainly lipid nature, part of the cells of all living beings. In essence, they are responsible for establishing the boundaries between life and the extracellular space, in addition to deciding in a controlled way what can enter and leave the cell. The properties of the membrane (such

Fixed Assets: Characteristics, Types And Examples

The fixed assets  Non – current assets or properties are long – term tangible a company owns and uses in its operations to generate revenue. Fixed assets are not expected to be consumed or converted to cash within a year. Fixed assets are also known as capital, property, plant and equipment assets. They are usually

Occupational Therapy: History, Types And Common Activities

The  occupational therapy is a type of health discipline that is used to help individuals improve their mental health or social integration through the creation, recovery or maintenance of significant activities for the person. Typically used to treat mental disorders or disabilities. Occupational therapy is considered the only profession that helps people of all ages,

6 Representative Writers Of Spanish Realism

The writers representing Spanish Realism are the majority of the authors who emerged in the mid-nineteenth century after the decline of Romanticism and the rise of the French current of Realism. Realism was characterized by abandoning romantic ideas a bit and migrating objectively to contemporary society, actions and its people, with the idea of ​​presenting

Civil War: Causes, Consequences And Characters

The Civil War or American Civil War was a long and bloody armed conflict in the United States that lasted four years. Eleven southern states, which made up the Confederate States of America, clashed with the federal government and the rest of the Union states between 1861 and 1865. It is estimated that this war,