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100 Phrases Of Strength To Inspire You

I leave you the best  fortress phrases of great authors such as Mahatma Gandhi, Walt Disney, Marco Aurelio, Maya Angelou,  Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Dickens, Lao Tzu,  Napoleon Bonaparte and many more. One of the most appreciated and admired qualities in anyone is their strength. The drive you have towards achieving your goals, overcoming obstacles, and

Cephalexin: What Is It For, Dosage, Side Effects

The  Cephalexin  is an antibiotic belonging to the class of first – generation cephalosporins. It is indicated for the treatment of skin and upper respiratory infections caused by bacteria resistant to other antibiotics or affecting patients allergic to penicillin and its derivatives. It is currently the first-line treatment for these types of infections. Available only

Mechanotherapy: Conditions For Which It Is Indicated And Devices

The mecanoterapia can be defined as a branch of physical therapy that uses mechanical devices to treat various diseases or injuries, in order to direct and induce performing movements, controlling the force with running, amplitude and trajectory of themselves. Mechanotherapy was developed by the Swedish orthopedic physician Dr. Jonas Gustav Vilhelm Zander. This doctor is

10 Common And Inexpensive Anticancer Foods

Eating anticancer foods such  as algae, mushrooms, nuts or citrus fruits can help prevent cancer, a disease that is largely affected by lifestyle. Beyond a genetic predisposition for the development of malignant tumors, science today has opened our eyes to the impact of our lifestyle. Just like tobacco, responsible for a third of malignant tumors,

Spirochaetes: General Characteristics, Morphology, Systematic

Spirochaetes is a phylum of bacteria characterized by being gram-negative and possessing a unique cellular ultrastructure. They have internal motility organelles called periplasmic flagella, which allow them to flex, rotate on their longitudinal axis, and move in liquid and semi-solid media. Spirochaetes is one of the few bacterial phyla whose phenotypic characteristics account for its