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The assignment is a derivative of the verb ascribing concept. In very simple terms, it could be understood as the sum of something less to something greater. It is also understood by ascription to the faculty that a subject is given to carry out an activity within an institution.

Another concept given to this word is that of adding a person to a certain position or service. Not only can it be assigned to an individual, but also to a company to become part of a larger entity.

The fact of incorporating a person in a certain area or work does not mean that they will remain in it permanently, since the assignment is removable. This means that it is subject to the will of one of the parties involved for the cessation or continuity of its development.

On the other hand, assignment is a process applicable to different areas, the best known being educational, judicial, health, religious, sports, political and law. In each of them there are specific rules and regulations that define the behavior of the individual or of the affiliated institution.

Meanings and origin

Among the meanings of assignment, the one of incorporating an individual to a certain activity or work stands out, since he meets the skills to carry out such an assignment. It is interesting to note that the ascription will always be made from something less to something greater, and always in short, in improvement and in favor of the receiving entity to which it is attached.

The term can also be seen as enrolling someone or something in a group, a larger entity and is added with a certain objective. The subject or object that is assigned acquires the benefits of the space that receives it, becomes part of that larger environment and fulfills a function.

Secondment as integration

Secondment is also associated with the integration of an institutional department to another of greater importance or rank. Such is the case of the purchasing section of a company attached to the accounting department.

Membership as affiliation

The word affiliation is linked to affiliation with an ideology or political party. Similarly, it is applicable for the integration of a religion or sect.

How the secondment is given

The assignment does not necessarily occur voluntarily or spontaneously, but can be caused by a boss’s decision, by chance, by succession or by personal or group necessity. On the other hand, being attached to something does not indicate that there is a definitive permanence.

What has been said in the previous paragraph means that if a subject or an institution does not meet the necessary parameters to be added to a larger entity, it will not be ready for its ownership or definitive incorporation. This happens with university scholarship holders in companies, until they graduate, they are not fully assigned to the work area.


The origin of this word comes from the Latin adscriptionis , which in turn is related to the active verb “ascribe”. The latter comes from the Latin word ascribere , which in a simple sense means: “to assign an activity or service to a subject.” For its part, the suffix “tion” means “action of”.

The composition of the term adscribere is the prefix ad , which means “towards”, and scribere, which is associated with “mark” and “write”. Bearing this in mind, then the concept explained in the previous paragraph makes more sense.

Related concepts and synonyms

The term ascription means joining or joining an organism or entity. The word comes to life through the verb to ascribe, that is to say: to attribute, register or assign a person to a specific task.

Some of the most common synonyms for this word are:

– Addition.

– Award.

– Membership.

– Alignment.

– Annexation.

– Assignment.

– Consignment.

– Inclusion.

– Inscription.

– Integration.

– Bonding.

Most common antonyms

The term ascription as an inclusion effect also has opposite meanings. Here are some of the best known antonyms:

– Unlinking.

– Disintegration.

– Exclusion.

– Subtraction.

– Disincorporation.

– Pull apart.

– Unlink.

Famous phrases

– “The ascription to the communist, Chinese or Italian or Russian or communist interpretation according to Trotsky’s vision, creates insurmountable walls between the different groups.” Felipe González, Spanish politician.

– “… This is not a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona and therefore with components of more or less passionate adherence to certain colors, but rather a match between what may interest consumers of services as essential as they can be gas or electricity and the legitimate interests of very important companies that are present all over the world… ”. Josep Piqué, Spanish politician.

– “No matter how reliable the terrible and tragic versions of what has happened and is happening in lands dominated by our enemies may be, although day by day the names of comrades, of dear friends, in whom the Ascription to an idea was enough as a sentence to suffer a treacherous death, do not imitate that behavior, I beg you, I beg you… ”. Indalecio Prieto, Spanish socialist politician.

Examples of uses

– Maria and Pedro yesterday requested to join the democratic political party.

– My bosses assigned me to the finance department without having my opinion.

– Pedro and Cecilia filled out several forms with their personal data to be able to join the National Journalist College.

– I made my assignment to the university to complete my studies in public accounting.

– The affiliation of the Marcano to the golf club is by family tradition.

– Willie was seconded to the Bakers Association for his talent and creativity.

– Those attached to the Coleadores Association have not paid their membership.

– Rodolfo’s assignment to Freemasonry was influenced by his friend Luis.

– State security officers were attached to the International Police Commission.

– The State Nursing Directorate did not accept the assignment of professionals from the provinces due to lack of resources.

– José’s assignment to the company was rejected due to his poor performance in the jobs he previously performed.


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