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Earning refers to obtaining a kind of payment in exchange for the performance of a job or the offering of some type of service or work. In other words, the term also refers to the right of a person to receive remuneration for an activity or trade he performs.

On the other hand, the accrual action implies both a right and a duty. The foregoing means that the acquisition of the remuneration occurs as long as the accrual complies with the previously agreed upon agreement. From the verb accrue originates the accrual principle, which is applied in economics and accounting.

In addition to the above, it is added that this principle occurs with the establishment of the economic commitment, here spending and income come into play. An example of this is that if a company contracts an electricity service in June and it begins to operate a month later, the payment must be recorded in June.

Meanings and origin

Accrual is defined as the act of contracting a link that allows a subject to obtain a benefit after the loan of a service. That is, the concept is immediately associated with the receipt of a good after having performed a job.


Etymologically the term accrue comes from the Latin vindicāre, and this, in turn, has the direct meaning “to appropriate.”

Accrue in finance

Continuing with the previous idea, the term accrue is applied in the financial field in order to comply with the registration of all transactions or economic activities. This means that the accounting area must carry out the observation of the agreement acquired at the moment it is given, leaving aside the date it is collected or paid.

On the other hand, the accrual principle in finance is used to keep an organized way of the economic status of a company or organization, that is, what it gains or loses in a given time.


Accrual or an accrual is a type of commitment that is generated, but has not been paid or credited and at the same time it is a right that is obtained even when it has not been collected. Some of the most common synonyms for accrue are:

– Charge.

– Perceive.

– Give back.

– Acquire.

– Win.

– Get.

Verb conjugation of accrue

Below is the conjugation of the term accrue in some verb tenses:


– I accrue.

– You earn.

– He / she accrues.

– We accrue.

– You earn.

– They accrue.

– You accrue.


– I earned.

– You earned.

– He / she earned.

– We accrue.

– You earned.

– They / they accrued.

– You accrued.


– I will earn.

– You will earn.

– He / she will earn.

– We will earn.

– You will earn.

– They / they will accrue.

– You will earn.

Perfect tense

– I have earned.

– You have earned.

– He / she has earned.

– We have accrued.

– You have earned.

– They / they have accrued.

– You have accrued.

Past Perfect

– I had earned.

– You had earned.

– He / she had earned.

– We had accrued.

– You had accrued.

– They / they had accrued.

– You had accrued.

Perfect future

– I will have accrued.

– You will have earned.

– He / she will have earned.

– We will have accrued.

– You will have earned.

– They / they will have accrued.

– You will have accrued.

Examples of uses

– I earn $ 200 a month for my job as a street sweeper.

– How much do you earn for exercising the position of director of the school?

– María and José earned double their salary last month for working overtime.

– Manuel and I earned less taxes two months ago.

– The company will earn more profits next year.

– You will earn more as a teacher with that specialization in pedagogy.

– The company has earned more money this year compared to the previous two.

– You have earned ten percent less this month for your absences.

– The pharmaceutical industry had underperformed its earnings in January due to inflation.

– We will have earned less when they change the board of directors.


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