5 Tools Of The First Settlers Of America

The main tools of the first settlers of America were the ax, the spatula, the atlatl, the bow and the spearhead. Its utility was varied and ranged from hunting to cutting down trees.

Previously, scientists believed that the first settlers of America arrived 13,000 years ago. However, recent studies by the Science group have determined that their arrival in America was 15,500 years ago BC.

These studies are based on the discovery of weapons, tools and other utensils used by the inhabitants.

The findings have shown that the use of stone in each tool was paramount. However, tools such as the atlatl or darts made of wood have also been found.

The 5 tools used by the first settlers of America are exposed below.

Bow and arrow

The use of the bow dates back to the years of the Paleolithic era. The first settlers of America used the so-called ” Flat Arch “. This, unlike other types of arches, had each section rectangular in shape.

It was used effectively in hunting small and medium-sized animals (rabbits, elk and others).

Scraper or spatula

Scrapers or spatulas were used by the first settlers of America when removing the skin of animals.

It was more robust than the rest of the tools. However, it was practical so that it could be used with one hand.

The scraper was triangular in shape and, like the spearhead, versions with grooves were found to insert the fingers. It was mainly carved in stone.


The spearhead was a large carved stone and scale blade, which could pierce the thick skin of animals.

It had a sharp blade of varied size, properly carved and with two holes to hold in the hand. It was used to hunt large animals, such as the mammoth.

Pieces of this type have been found that reach a length of up to 9 centimeters. The materials used for its manufacture were obsidian and chalcedony.

The first finds of this type of weaponry date back to 13,500 BC and are attributed to the Clovis. These settlers were the first to inhabit the American continent.


The ax consisted of a sharp blade fixed on a handle. Early cultures, like the Clovis, carved such a handle out of bone.

The blade was made of stone sharpened on both sides, and was attached to the handle with ties of straw or other materials of vegetable origin.

It was useful not only for hunting, unlike other tools on display here. The first populations of America used the ax to cut wood.

The ax was a hunting tool that undoubtedly marked an important advance in early American civilizations.


The atlatl was one of the hunting weapons most used by the Aztecs. It consisted of a short wooden platform with dimples to hold it tight.

Inside said wooden platform resided a very sharp stone-tipped dart.

The ferocity of the weapon was that the hunter did not have to use too much force for the spear to reach great speeds.

The use of atlatl in civilizations such as the aforementioned Aztecs, symbolized spiritual greatness.


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