22 Incredible Benefits Of Linden For Physical And Mental Health

The benefits and properties of linden are numerous: analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, laxative, diaphoretic, anticonvulsant and others that I will discuss below.

Linden is a tree over 35 meters high and 1 meter in diameter with yellow and white flowers with a very pleasant smell. It is mainly distributed in Europe and Asia, with some species in North America.

linden benefits

The compounds that give it its properties are found in flowers, leaves, and bracts (the green part behind the flowers). So you can use the whole flower to enjoy its benefits. In addition, the nectar of these flowers is a source of very good quality honey .

Tilia species are mostly large, deciduous trees, typically reaching 20 to 40 meters in height, with oblique-cordate leaves 6 to 20 centimeters in diameter. As with elms, the exact number of species is uncertain, as many of the species hybridize easily, both in nature and in cultivation.

In ancient cultures it has been highly valued, as can be seen in a story from ancient Greece that tells of a poor couple that the gods rewarded for their hospitality by granting them immortality, they were transformed into Tila and Oak trees.

Throughout history it has been considered the mystical tree of life, the tree of health, the tree of victory, a symbol of fertility and an object of veneration and worship.

And this assessment is not for less, since at present various studies have confirmed its properties, its efficacy and safety to treat various conditions.

Such is the case of a publication in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology where the calming and anxiolytic properties of linden were verified with only 300 mg of an extract in water.

Where do the medicinal properties of linden come from?

Various studies agree that many of its properties can be explained by the antioxidant action of flavonoids .

These compounds decrease oxidative damage in cells, which is reflected in different favorable effects on different organs of the body.

This is how linden can treat anything from a cold to avoiding a seizure.

The quercetin and kaempferol are the main compounds of linden that give their anxiolytic, analgesic and anti – inflammatory.

However, more than 29 antioxidant compounds have been identified in linden flower that can be dissolved in water and that you can benefit from in a tea.

The combination of these compounds enhances their action. Therefore, the combinations of compounds that you can find naturally in this flower are very effective in treating different ailments.

Benefits and properties of linden

Here is a list of the medicinal properties that you can benefit from when taking linden:


Mainly the antioxidant benefits of linden can be reflected as a delay in aging due to oxidative damage, less fatigue, less inflammation, among others.

Various studies agree that the main compounds that give linden its antioxidant power are quercetin and campferol.

Both belong to the family of flavonoids, compounds found in plants with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power.

However, more than 29 different antioxidant compounds have been identified in linden.

Several studies confirm that the combination of these compounds naturally found in linden potentiates its antioxidant action.

2. Management of pain and inflammation in arthritis

According to a study published in Neuropharmacology in 2008, quercetin from linden showed the ability to reduce arthritis pain in the same potency as tramadol , a powerful pain reliever.

Linden dissolved in water was shown to have a longer effect than the analgesic tramadol and a more stable response.

This means that by drinking linden tea you can take away pain and inflammation for longer than if you used powerful pain relievers in pills, such as tramadol.

In addition, the response of your body will be more stable: if your leg joints hurt, you will not go from not feeling your legs to feeling intense pain in a few minutes, as can happen with powerful painkillers that have abrupt responses in the body.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components of linden reduce pain in various parts of the body, mainly in the joints, head, liver, kidney and menstrual cramps or colic due to colitis .

Linden is a safe plant that does not cause side effects when used in recommended amounts, so it is practical and beneficial to have a cup of linden tea that can relieve various pains.

Or, you can benefit from its analgesic power by applying it directly to the area that feels pain in the form of essential oil or poultice of leaves.

4.Calm menstrual cramps

Linden is a safe and effective plant to treat menstrual cramps, by inhibiting the nervous system, it can treat pain caused by the menstrual cycle.

The components of linden that give it this ability to treat pain are flavonoids, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants found in plants.

5 calms pain and inflammation in colitis

The flavonoid components of linden have the ability to inhibit the nervous system by modulating pain and also reduce inflammation of various tissues

This combination of properties makes them especially useful for days when your intestine is inflamed.

6.Soothes liver and kidney pain

Linden has been widely used to treat pain, including pain from the liver and kidneys, this is due to its ability to modulate the central nervous system .

7.Ansiolytic and soothing

Linden being a non-toxic plant can be used safely as a painkiller. It does not have adverse side effects like some anxiolytic drugs can have .

Linden has several mechanisms by which it can lower your anxiety levels.

Some of them are: it modulates the transmission of serotonin , the neurotransmitter that makes you feel well-being and happiness, and is involved in the transmission of GABA , which is the main neurotransmitter that relaxes your nervous system.


The linden to relax the central nervous system   can also be used to achieve sleep and combat insomnia .

Several studies agree that the mechanisms of linden that help fight insomnia are the modulation of serotonin and GABA, in addition to the neuronal protection that linden offers due to its antioxidant components.


Another way in which you can benefit from all the properties of linden is through aromatherapy , you can relax by placing honey or linden oil in pulse areas, behind the ears, on the wrists, behind the knees, or by putting it on a burner of oil to aromatize a room.


The antioxidant components of linden also act as anti-inflammatories, they can reduce inflammation of the joints, the respiratory tract, the neurons of the nervous system, colitis, to name a few.

To treat inflammation you can use it in the form of tea, or directly in the area as an essential oil or poultice .

Research published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity corroborates the knowledge of traditional medicine when using linden as an anticonvulsant.

These scientists found that linden flower inhibits the central nervous system, and this is how it can prevent seizures.


This property of linden is especially useful when you find yourself retaining fluids, a cup of tea will improve this inflammation in a natural and safe way.

13.Improves circulation and leg ulcers

To improve the circulation of your legs you can take linden tea and benefit from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will give relief to your veins.

14.Eliminates toxins

The linden by increasing sweating helps to eliminate substances that can be harmful to your body, to benefit from a natural detoxification you can take linden tea.

15.Prevents neuronal damage

In a recent publication, Korean scientists tested linden’s known ability to prevent damage to neurons.

They found that the anti-inflammatory action that linden exerts on neurons is mainly due to antioxidant compounds called catechins.

This means that with the consumption of linden you can prevent damage to the brain and avoid suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s .


According to a 2015 publication in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, linden has several compounds that stop the proliferation of human cancer cells.

These Korean researchers sought to verify the anti-cancer properties for which linden is known in Traditional Medicine in their country and in various parts of the world.

17 treat flu

Both linden tea and honey can help you get better from a cold.

Both have natural antibacterial compounds that help your body fight disease.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory compounds will help you deflate the respiratory tract and discharge phlegm from the nose and throat.

To treat a flu you can take linden tea with lemon and linden honey.

18.Treats bronchitis

When it comes to respiratory tract infections it is best to rest to help your body recover.

Linden is a good option to help you decongest and reduce inflammation of the airways.

Drink linden tea with lemon and linden honey just like a flu.

Apply a linden honey solution with water and lemon and in the nostrils to decongest and reduce inflammation faster.

Put linden essential oil or linden honey on your chest to flush out the toxins that are making you sick.

Make sure to rest after applying the oil or tea as linden in these cases can raise the body temperature a bit, which helps fight the disease.

19.High pressure

Linden for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and inhibitory properties of the central nervous system can help you regulate your pressure if you have high blood pressure . This is because it improves blood circulation and deflates the veins.

20.Muscle cramps

To calm muscle cramps you can use linden in the form of essential oil or honey on the affected area.

Linden by inhibiting the nervous system safely and effectively reduces these cramps.

21 itchy skin

Sometimes it usually happens that due to bites, dryness, irritation or anxiety, we feel that sensation of itching in some areas of the skin.

To avoid further irritating the affected area, you can apply linden in the form of oil or in the form of honey to stabilize the sensation and rehydrate your skin.

In the case of bites, linden oil is a good option to ward off mosquitoes naturally.

22. Therapeutic agent in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

The Alzheimer’s and Parkinson ‘s disease are the result of oxidative damage to cells, this increases the damage that normally occurs in the brain in people over 65 years.

Linden extracts, being antioxidants, have been proposed as therapeutic agents.

In a study carried out in 2015 in Korea, it was found that there are 5 components of linden that protect against oxidative damage in neuronal diseases.

How can I use linden?

How you

To drink it in tea, put 2 to 4 grams of linden leaf in half a liter of water, of this infusion take a cup 3 to 4 times a day.

The good thing about this flower is that when using it in tea you can benefit from all its properties, in addition, its use is safe and no difference in the effects has been observed between fresh linden compared to linden packed for a year.

According to a study published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology, when comparing linden dissolved in water, against linden in other solvents, a greater action against pain, anxiety and anticonvulsant action was observed in the extracts in water.

This is why when you have a cup of linden tea you can remove pain and reduce inflammation in different parts of the body, relax after a hard day and prevent oxidative damage caused by stress and pollution.

As essential oil, poultice or linden honey

To soothe cramps, itching, inflammation, and decongest the airways, place tea leaves or linden honey directly on the area you want to treat.


To relax with the aroma of linden oil, place it directly into an aromatherapy diffuser.

All these benefits in a single cup of tea will surely get you out of more than one emergency.

And you, what other benefits or properties of linden do you know?

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