22 Books By Gabriel García Márquez For History

Today I come with a list of books by Gabriel García Márquez , also known as “Gabo”, a well-known Colombian journalist and writer who recently died. Considered one of the greatest writers in history, he rose to fame with the well-known One Hundred Years of Solitude , with which he would win the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature.

As for his works, it should be mentioned that they have always been characterized by magical realism, a literary movement based on showing something unreal and strange as everyday and normal. I have wanted to make a selection of their main stories. They are not all there, since “Gabo” has a multitude of texts, stories, reports and even volumes of memoirs. 

If you think there should be some more writing on the list, don’t forget to put it in the comments and I’ll take it into account, since the list is by no means fixed. 

Works by Gabriel García Márquez 



First novel of «Gabo». Published in 1955, he is known for first introducing Macondo, the fictional town he creates for several of his works. The stories that unfold are those of three different generations within the same family.

As we will see in “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” , the author performs as soon as he begins a flashback to later develop the plot.

Bad time 


Work that takes place in times of truce between the Colombian guerrillas.

The topics will focus on the conflicts and  personal feelings that arise between both sides, having as main action a murder after an infidelity.

One hundred years of loneliness 

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Turning point in his career. Today it is considered one of the greatest works written in Latin American literature. The events take place in Macondo, the famous city designed by Gabriel García Márquez where fantasy and reality are mixed.

Likewise, the protagonists will be the members of the Buendía – Iguarán family, where their tragedies, successes, love affairs and others will be the central axis of the action of this masterpiece.

It was precisely thanks to the publication of this novel that “Gabo” would win the Nobel Prize for Literature. It has currently sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold 


Gabo already describes to us in the first pages the precise moment in which Santiago Nasar dies. As a result, the book makes a flashback to explain how such a tragic scene is reached.

And by the way, the story that is told is based on a true event that occurred in 1951.

Love in the time of cholera 


Story that has as its central axis the life of three characters temporarily located at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th – 60 years of timeline – in Cartagena, Colombia.

Throughout six long chapters the love stories that exist between Juvenal Urbino, Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza are told.

In this novel, García Márquez was inspired by the relationship of his parents, whom he interviewed for days to obtain the necessary information.

The general in his labyrinth 

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Book dedicated to recounting the last days of Simón Bolivar’s life. In it, the trip he made from Bogotá to the Colombian coast is described in order to leave America and go into exile in Europe in the middle of the independence process.

The Autumn of the Patriarch 


Descriptive fable that aims to reflect the loneliness that power produces.

García Márquez will take us to a fictional Caribbean country where an old man rules. Here, its author seeks to reflect the type of dictatorships that were experienced in Latin America in the 20th century.

It was written in Barcelona at the end of the sixties, which led its author to be inspired by the figure of Franco.

As a curiosity, in this book you will not be able to read or observe any dialogue or full stop.

Love and Other Demons 

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History developed in the colonial era. The story takes advantage of the life of the Carthaginian Sierva María de todos los Ángeles, daughter of the Marqués de Casalduero to explain the cultural, economic, environmental situation, etc. that one lived in Cartagena.

Garcia Márquez’s inspiration for this book came from his grandmother, who “told him the legend of a twelve-year-old marquesita whose hair dragged her like a bride’s tail, who had died of rabies due to the bite of a dog , and was venerated in the Caribbean peoples for her many miracles ”.

The colonel has no one to write to him


This book tells the story of an old retired colonel, who sees how time passes without the letter that would grant him the pension arrives.

The newspaper El Mundo included it among the best 100 novels of the 20th century.

Memory of my sad whores 


In one of his last stories, Gabriel García Márquez tells us the love story of a 90-year-old journalist and a young girl from the mid-twentieth century.

Stories of a shipwrecked man


This book had the peculiarity of being published continuously for twenty days in the newspaper El Espectador in 1955.

This one is about Luis Alejandro Velasco, a sailor who rushes from a military ship and tries to survive on the high seas for ten days.

News of a kidnapping

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This journalistic novel tells the story of nine famous Colombian characters who are kidnapped by narco-terrorists belonging to Extraditables, a group headed by Pablo Escobar in the early nineties.

In addition, the entire writing is based on real events that shocked the country in 1990.

The funerals of Big Mom 

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Book that collects a total of eight short stories. In some of them we can see again Macondo as the main setting and several characters already known as Aurelinao Buendía (One Hundred Years of Solitude).

The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother 

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Set of little stories. The title belongs to the most identifying story of the group and is joined by a total of six more.

Blue dog eyes 

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A total of 192 pages which includes, among many others, his first famous story The monologue of Isabel watching it rain in Macondo .

You will be able to read the earliest stories of Gabriel García Márquez. Specifically, those situated between the years 1947 and 1955.

Twelve Pilgrim Tales 


Volume of a total of twelve stories. The justification given by “Gabo” for calling them pilgrims is the following:

“He was sitting on the wooden bench under the yellow leaves of the lonely park, gazing at the dusty swans with both hands resting on the silver pommel of the cane, and thinking about death.”

Diatribe of love against a seated man


Theatrical work in the form of a monologue. The protagonist? Graciela, a wife who suffers from heartbreak at the gates of her silver wedding anniversary. The woman, resentful, expresses her feelings to her husband, impassive and sitting in an armchair.

A very old man with huge wings

Originally published in 1955, it tells the story of an old being who fell in a courtyard after a torrential rain; they think he is an angel, and they take advantage of this for profit. However, the winged being will be able to fly again.

I did not come to make a speech

Compendium of writings in which the speeches made by the writer are gathered, from the one read before his schoolmates to the one offered before the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language and the kings of Spain.

Between cachacos

Live to tell

First book of his autobiographical stories, it shows a journey through his childhood and youth. A vivid journey where he describes people and situations that were the inspiration for his greatest novels.

From Europe and America

Third journalistic work of the author, in which they gather the articles written between 1955 and 1960. This period was one of the most active, it narrates the most important social and political events of the time.

And what books of Gabriel García Márquez have you read?

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