19 Examples Of Outstanding Aesthetic Values ​​

The aesthetic values are those that relate to the appearance of an object and the object that causes emotions in those who contemplate it .

Therefore, they are the value judgments that an observer emits about the appearance of an object, taking into account those feelings that it evokes (Valores, 2014).

In this sense, aesthetic values ​​are those that determine what people perceive as good in relation to the appearance of an object.

What has a high aesthetic value is considered better than what has a lower aesthetic value, even if the function of all elements is the same.

Aesthetic values ​​are regarded as the funny, the great, the elegant, the sublime, the tragic, and the ridiculous. It can be said that aesthetic values ​​are those that make an object appreciated as a “work of art” by people.

The reason for this appreciation has been widely discussed by philosophers and thinkers throughout the history of humanity, since aesthetic values ​​are directly linked to the concept of beauty, which can change from one culture to another or from a historical moment to another (7Graus, 2017).

Outstanding examples of aesthetic values

-An apartment with an ocean view will be more attractive than one that does not have a pleasant view. The aesthetic value in this case is the sublime.

-A high-end late-model car has a higher aesthetic value than an old car or one with worn paint. In this sense, the value of the sublime is evoked.

-A setting sun on the beach is highly beautiful, therefore, its aesthetic value is also higher for people.

-Greek sculpture has a high aesthetic value, thanks to its attention to detail, the perfection in the use of materials such as marble, the care of the details of the lines and the mastery of technique. For this reason, Greek sculpture is considered to be the one with the greatest aesthetic value in the history of mankind (ARQHYS.com, 2017).

-The book Les Miserables by Víctor Hugo has a high aesthetic value, since it allows readers to feel the tragedy of the historical moment in which it was written.

-Renaissance painting is the highest expression of the sublime and the great in art, therefore, its aesthetic value is high. This is possible thanks to the perfection of the oil painting technique, the game of perspective and the use of light and shadows that painters such as Michelangelo and Raphael reached during this time (Examples, 2017).

-The melodies of Beethoven or Bach also have a high aesthetic value, since they convey the feeling of the sublime to those who listen to them. This happens due to the use of sad notes, the elegance of the composition, and the greatness of its execution.

-The architecture of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia has a high aesthetic value, possible thanks to the use of details, its imposing structure, the elevation of its towers, and its setting. All this allows the observer to be transported to another historical moment.

-The painting of Guernica by Pablo Picasso, with its rupture of perspectives, the use of grotesque forms, the expression of people’s pain and the reflection to which it invites in relation to the historical moment that it seeks to evoke, make its aesthetic value is elevated and is characterized by being dramatic and sublime at the same time (Awesome, 2015).

-The work of the Fountain by Marchel Duchamp has a high aesthetic value that emerges from the lack of elegance and the ridicule of an object of common use, such as a ceramic urinal.

-The works of art proposed by the avant-garde during the era of modernism have a high aesthetic value, since they seek ridicule, sometimes lack of elegance and the sublime.

-A last generation iPhone will have a greater aesthetic value than a cell phone manufactured 10 years before, since it meets current considerations related to beauty, evoking the emotion of the sublime in its wearer.

-The work of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare has a high aesthetic value evoked by its drama. Its composition in turn is considered a work of art, to the extent that it has an impeccable mastery of metrics, so it also has a sublime character.

-The appraisal of a property is generally based on its aesthetic value, which tends to be sublime. In this way, a house can have the same properties as another, but its value will depend on how sublime it is for its buyer.

-A finely crafted haute couture garment has a higher aesthetic value than one produced industrially with conventional materials. In relation to fashion, the aesthetic value that is evoked is that of the sublime, however, elegance also plays a fundamental role.

-The works of Pablo Picasso have a high aesthetic value related to ridiculousness and drama. This is possible due to the intention of the artist and his desire to break with the schemes of traditional artistic production.

-The architecture of the Empire State Building in New York is evocative of the great. In this way, its high aesthetic value has allowed it to become one of the differentiating icons of the city, being also considered sublime.

-A cabana on the beach overlooking the sea has a high aesthetic value linked to the feeling of the sublime, which is why it is so attractive to people.

-A plate of food served with elegance has a high aesthetic value, linked to the feeling of the sublime and the elegant. This allows its consumer to be willing to pay a higher value for it, even if its ingredients are the same as those included in other common preparations.


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