100 Recommended Movies Based On A True Story

Today I recommend a list of  movies based on real events , horror, sad, love, drama, business, historical or self-improvement. You may already know some of them, but you can meet others to see them in your free time. 

Surely on many occasions you have finished watching a movie and have been totally impressed to learn that it was based on real events. And it is that, as they say, reality surpasses fiction.

Recommended Movies Based On True Events

– Movies of historical events


Biography of one of the most important men in history and especially in India.

The Queen

The tragedy reached the English royal family with the death of Princess Diana. The queen must make important decisions to keep the town calm.

J. Edgar

Biography of the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. J. Edgar was in the position until his death, participated in the most important events in the United States and had a recognized reputation.

The last Emperor

A little boy of only three years must fulfill his destiny; be emperor of China.

The king’s speech

The King of England will seek the help of a speech therapist to improve his stuttering problem.


Film that deals with the attacks that occurred in the 1972 Olympic Games.

Save Private Ryan

Spectacular warlike film by the great Steven Spielberg. The plot centers on the search for the missing Private Ryan.

Flight 93

Several planes were hijacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, one of them was Flight 93. The hijackers will seek to take the plane to its objective, El Capitolio, but this will be thwarted by several brave passengers.


England becomes the enemy of Scotland, and at that moment William Wallace appears, a rebellious and brave Scotsman who, in addition to seeking revenge, also wants to free his people.

Apollo XIII

A major space mission targeting the Moon does not go as expected and the Apollo 13 crew will be forced to try to return to Earth safely, while the planet is waiting for its landing.


Story about 300 Spartans who, led by Leonidas, fight in defense of their city against thousands of Persians who planned to conquer Greece.

300: The Origin

Xerxes and Artemis are getting closer and closer to the West. Themistocles, an Athenian general, seeks to unite the people and the state to stop this vile king.


Incredible and faithful film that narrates the last days of Adolf Hitler, which he spends confined in his bunker.


Directed by and starring Ben Affleck, it tells how in 1979 a group of politicians were trapped as hostages in the Canadian embassy in Iran.

The escape from Alcatraz

Alcatraz prison was known to be one of the safest in the United States, located on an island at first glance it seems impossible for an inmate to escape, but three men changed this belief by stealthily escaping from the prison.

– Action movies

The darkest night

The film shows the preparation and events of the mission that sought to eliminate Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Shooting dogs

A teacher travels to Rwanda to teach but in the middle of his trip the genocide in Rwanda breaks out.


US Army soldiers must carry out a dangerous mission in order to attack Nazi Germany during World War II. It is not based on a real concrete fact, but on several real facts.

The metal jacket

The film tells two stories, the first related to the Marines during the Vietnam War and the second directly related to the confrontation and the military operation of Tet.


A train with a highly dangerous cargo spirals out of control. Two brave men will do their best to stop him and save thousands of lives.


Two important Formula 1 drivers live in a permanent rivalry.

Operation Valkyrie

The plot of a group of German soldiers will aim to finish off Adolf Hitler, the dictator who is leading his country to destruction.

Black hawk down

A group of US military personnel are sent to the city of Mogadishu in Somalia in the middle of the civil war.

The Sniper

An American soldier fights the war to save lives, but it affects him mentally. On his return home he will fight his memories of the conflict in Iraq while trying to enjoy his family.

– Adventure Movies

Lawrence of Arabia

The participation of the officer Thomas Edward Lawrence was essential to defeat the Ottoman Empire during the First World War .

The Bridge on the River Kwai

A group of British and English soldiers are prisoners of the Japanese army and are forced to build a bridge over the River Kwai.

Glory times

It tells the story of the first unofficial regiment of people of color that aims to fight in the American Civil War.

The perfect Storm

A fishing boat goes beyond what it should in the Atlantic Ocean. What they do not expect is the difficulties they will go through due to a great storm.

Enemy at the Gates

The Battle of Stalingrad is the event that will change the destiny of two nations, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Both will send their best soldiers to win this war.

Men of Honor

The story of the first African American to become an elite diver in the US Navy. His bravery and actions will also lead him to be the first chief-major in the navy.

Hotel Rwanda

Film that faithfully reflects the civil war in Rwanda. It is about how a group of people decide to take refuge in a Hotel in Kigali to try to stay safe from the Tutsi who haunt the place.

Monuments Men

A story that tells how a group of historians try to recover the works of art stolen by the Nazis.

Catch Me If You Can

Frank W. Abagnale is a con artist who dedicates his life to adopting different identities to deceive people and make money. The plot begins when an FBI agent, played by Tom Hanks, decides to chase him across the world.

City of God

Thefts, drugs and crime are facts that are part of the daily life of the young residents and inhabitants of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

– Horror movies

The Exorcist

Cult movie of horror cinema. To this day, it continues to create true panic among its viewers and best of all: it is based on real events that occurred in Washington in 1949.

The Conjuring, The Warren File

Horror movie based on real events. The story tells how the relatives of an American farm in the early seventies begin to suffer different paranormal phenomena.

Nightmare on Helm Street

The fearsome nightmares that some adolescents suffer do not stop bothering them and causing them fear. Even a strange being appears in these dreams to kill them and thus take revenge on those who hurt him.

The glow

A family stays in a hotel, but they do not know that it is full of secrets that will terrify them and make them see visions.

– Drama

Always by your side

Story of an Akita dog named Hachiko who accompanies his master (Richard Gere) every day to the train station.


The Titanic set sail as the largest transatlantic ship in history on April 10, 1912 from Southampton. It is well known to all that the beautiful love story between Jack and Rose is fictitious, but what is true is the environment and the situation they encounter.

Schindler’s List

Film focused on World War II. It is about the purchase of a factory in Krakow by Oskar Schindler, who hires hundreds of Jews.

An amazing mind

Shocking story that represents the life of Nash, a man who has a prodigious mind and who, thanks to his incredible discoveries, gains world fame.

The terminal

JFK Airport in New York traps an Iranian citizen when civil war breaks out in his country. His passport is annulled without being able to set foot on US soil or return home.

The pianist

It tells the story of a Jewish pianist who tries to survive during the Second World War.

12 years of slavery

Story of Solomon, a resident of color who has to go through various difficulties after being deprived of his freedom.

John Q.

A father is concerned that his son needs a heart transplant right away. Seeing the impossibility of getting the organ, the father will do everything possible to save his son.

The exchange

In the twenties a child suddenly disappears, which will plunge his mother into sadness. After a while the police find him and return him to his mother, but she assures that this is not her son.


An overweight young African American woman lives with her mother and stepfather, who in addition to hitting her, abuses her sexually.


A girl will face complicated situations, a terminal illness and the happiness of falling in love. In their experiences, their strong belief in the Catholic faith, their strength and their joy will be reflected.

Captain Phillips

A group of sea pirates of Somali origin attack and hijack the ship led by Captain Phillips.

The Butler 

The story of the most famous butler in the White House. His origins and the events that led him to serve the presidents of North America for 34 years are recounted.

They call me radio

A football coach will try to integrate a young man with a mental disability into his team.

Cinderella man

The story of a boxer who, despite suffering numerous defeats, does not give up and tries to obtain one more victory.


A school teacher starts a small experiment with his students in order to explain the concept of autocracy.

Dreamer: Road to victory.

A horse, a girl and a man will be part of a wonderful story of overcoming and strength, just when it seemed that all was lost.

Out to sea

Ramón suffered an accident that left him paraplegic. After almost thirty years in these conditions, he wants to change his life.

The fighter

A little recognized boxer will try to train his brother, a great promise in boxing.


The story of Muhammad Ali, one of the most famous boxers in history.

In the name of the Father

Two men are arrested for a crime that they claim not to have committed. They are father and son and in jail they will find a part that neither had seen before the other.

The midnight express

A young American is arrested at the Istanbul airport for trying to traffic drugs.

A rebels’ Diary

A young basketball player falls into the world of drugs and crime, destroying his career in sports.

Hurricane carter

The famous story of a famous boxer accused of the murders of three people.

The experiment

Psychologists start a strange experiment where the participants will have to represent certain characters, some will be prisoners and other guards.

Death penalty

The nun Helen, who is a volunteer in a prison, meets a man who was sentenced to death.


Avid Dr. Malcom believes he can help his patients live a more normal life with the help of a new drug.

Money ball

Coach Billy faces a great challenge; lead your baseball team to victory by applying new concepts and leaving traditions behind.

Boy don’t cry

Story of a transgender man who tries to survive in society.

The miracle of Anna Sullivan

A deaf and blind girl cannot communicate well with the people around her, so they look for Anne, a teacher who will be challenged to teach her to relate.

October sky

A young miner decides to fight for his dreams of creating rockets and becoming a NASA scientist.

My left Foot

A man’s disability will not prevent him from becoming a famous artist and writer.

Malcolm X

Biography of one of the most influential men in the fight against racism. Their activities are recounted, which promoted the rights of people of color.

The elephant Man

John Merrick suffers from a strange disease that deforms his body.

Memories of Africa

Baroness Karen marries for convenience and decides to go to Kenya to live with her husband.

wild bull

A boxer’s dream will lead him to train hard with the help of his brother, but this goal will come at a high cost.

In Search of Bobby Fischer

Story of Bobby Fischer, chess master of the 70s.

The great debaters

Professor Tolson will encourage his students to participate in a debate contest and show everyone what they can achieve with dedication and commitment.

Antwone fisher

A soldier haunted by his past is sent to therapy with Dr. Davenport. Both of you will travel a path of healing and change.


The film portrays the situations that led two young men to commit one of the most horrible killings in a school in the United States.

Ed wood

Biographical film of Ed Wood, considered one of the worst directors in history. The story shows his foray into his first movies and his impending failure.

Good night and good luck

Broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow seeks to take down Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.

Other people’s lives

It tells the story of a Stasi captain who has to spy on a famous couple. This fact will change your view of the world.

A boxer will push himself and train to the best of his ability to become the best in the world by taking on the fearsome Apollo Creed.


Aileen Wuornos is a woman who, after a life full of abuse, violence and prostitution, becomes a brutal serial killer.


George began his career as a drug trafficker selling marijuana until he worked directly with the Medellín cartel in Colombia. But this life will only leave him addictions and a broken family.

The man from Alcatraz

Robert Stroud is sentenced to life in prison in one of the safest prisons in the United States. In prison he discovers his interest and passion for birds.

– Movies of improvement and inspiration

Looking for happiness

Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a broken and separated man who has to move forward taking care of his son and finding work at the same time.


Philippe is a quadriplegic aristocrat who hires a black man who was unemployed and in a very precarious situation.

The impossible

It recounts the events of the famous 2004 tsunami that washed away the Thai coast, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

127 hours

James Franco plays Aron Ralston, an explorer who was in the rocky area of ​​Robbers Roost, when one of his footsteps fell through a crevice and was trapped by a rock.


Nelson Mandela takes advantage of the South African Rugby World Cup to unite an entire country divided by racial differences.

An impossible dream

A young man has lived a large part of his life in foster homes, until a family decides to adopt him and support him to get the best out of him.

They live!

A plane crashes in the mountainous region of the Andes in South America, the survivors are forced to go through numerous difficulties to stay alive.

Coach Carter

A new basketball coach comes to Richmond High School to change the mentality of its players, who are young people who lead lives without worry or responsibility.

Dallas Buyer Club

It tells the story of a man who after being diagnosed with HIV is only given several months to live.

Did wild routes

The story of a young nonconformist who after graduating decides to go on an adventure and get rid of the stressful modern life.

Titans, they made history

In the 1970s, two schools were united, one where only whites studied and another where the students were people of color.

The Express

Ernie Davis manages to get out of a life with little future and manages to be part of the American football program at Syracuse University.

– Police

The wolf of Wall Street

The world of finance in New York changed radically with the vision of Jordan Belfort. This brocker pocketed millions of euros that he spent on surreal parties, incredible trips and luxurious material goods at the cost of an ingenious fraud scheme.

One of ours

A boy is fascinated by the life that gangsters lead. This leads him to become part of the Pauline family, where he will gain the trust of the leader of the mobster group.

American gangster

Following in the footsteps of other criminals, Frank Lucas becomes an important leader of the mafia and drug trafficking in his city. However, the police will not stand idly by in the face of these criminal acts.


It tells the story of Zodiac, a serial killer from the 60s and 70s.


A desperate financial situation will lead a man to kidnap his wife and try to get the ransom money, but this may not turn out as expected.

The rope

Two smart young men think they can plan the perfect murder and get away with it.

Alpha Dog

To settle the score, a group of criminals kidnap a child, but an unusual friendship develops between them.

– Romantic

50 first dates

A young woman has an accident and loses her short-term memory , so she cannot remember what happened the day before.

– Comedy

The big lebowski

Jeff Lebowski have the same surname of a millionaire and will be confused by criminals.

Free nacho

The cook of an orphanage wants to practice wrestling and contrary to the rules he must follow he becomes one, calling himself “Nacho.”

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