100 Examples Of Compound Syllables

The composite syllables are syllables those that consist of a vowel and two or more consonants. They differ from simple syllables in that they are only formed from a vowel and a consonant. For this reason, compound syllables are longer than their plain or straightforward counterparts.

A syllable is a linguistic division that forms a word. They consist of at least one vowel and one consonant. They can be monosyllable words (such as sun ) or one of the parts in which a word can be separated when it is said aloud or written (such as co-co-dri-lo). 

In this last example, the syllables co, co, and lo would be simple while dri is a syllable already composed, which has one vowel and two consonants.

A syllable that ends in a consonant letter is known as a closed syllable, while a syllable that ends in a vowel letter is called an open syllable. 

List of examples of compound syllables

Goat: bra.

Mercy: give.

Bank: ban.

Interview: tre.

Montana: mon.

Chavo: cha

Rags: tra and pos.

Stork: güe.

Trout: tru.

Press: pre.

Hat: hat and cap.

Frustration: frus and tra.

Barba: bar.

Against: with and tra.

Tricycle: tri and clo.

Hummingbird: bri.

Produce: pro.

Follower: gui and dor.

Library: blio.

Cylinder: dro

Church: sia.

Alejandro: dro.

Brightness: bri.

Tundra: tun and dra.

Brazil: bra and sil.

Brandi: bran.

Drawer: jon.

Guitar: gui.

Heat: lor.

Intelligence: gen.

Book: bro.

Car: che.

Freedom: ber.

Fruit: fru.

Can opener: bre.

Scab: tra and cos.

Thief: dro.

Valencia: len.

Globe: glo.

Grotto: grunted.

Prostate: pros.

Dromedary: dro.

Tree: bowl.

Tanda: so.

Phlegm: fle.

Penguin: pin.

Bubble: bur.

Violinist: nis.

Birthday: cum and ple.

Witch: bru.

Alejandra: dra and jan.

Arm: bra.

Oyster: tra.

China: chi.

Learn: der.

Cornet: cor.

Lead: lead.

Arrow: fle.

Cable: ble.

Ruler: gla.

Igloo: glu.

Meet: plir and cum.

Troop: troop.

Prado: pra.

Hat: som.

Green: see.

Eight: cho.

Diamond: man.

Breña: bre.

Navel: bli.

Skinny: fla.

Down: plu and mon.

Dealer: pair and dor.

Price: pre.

Fifteen: who.

Permission: per.

Standard: tan and give.

Mattress: cabbage and chon.

Wheat: tri.

Drainage: dre.

Lollipop: chu.

Blanket: man.

Classic: cla.

Cheetah: ge and par.

Peace of mind: give, tran and qui.

Reward: pre.

Silver: pla.

Cheese: what.

Joy: gri.

Machine: qui.

Trapezoid: tra.

Trick: tru.

Tram: tran.

Dolphin: from.

Try: pro and bar.

Tiredness: can and san.

Squeeze: pre.

Work: tra.

Cider: dra.

Ponqué: what and pon.

Television: sor.

Sympathy: sim.

Mathematics: cas.

Table: blah.

Coat: bri.

Swallowed: tra.

Lie: men.

Ban: pro.

Suplir: plir.

Drink: tra.

Zebra: bra.

Town: blo.

Oak: ble.

Feather: plu.

Square: dra.


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