10 Questions About The Independence Of Mexico

The Mexico’s independencefrom Spain it had a high cost; Thousands of Mexicans lost their lives fighting both for and against the Spanish between 1810 and 1821. However, its long-term consequences have made it worthwhile.

Revolutionary leaders such as Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos led a guerrilla war, mostly agrarian-based, against the royalist elites in the cities. In 1821, the Mexican Creole Agustín de Iturbide finally declared independence.

Questions about the independence of Mexico with their answers

When was the Independence of Mexico?

The independence of Mexico took place on September 27, 1821. That day ended, with a Mexican victory, the war for the liberation of Spanish colonial rule.

This independence process had begun 10 years earlier with an action that became known as the Pain scream.

What is the Grito de Dolores?

It was a speech that took place on September 16, 1810. In this speech, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla exhorted the people to start a general insurrection against the Spanish in pursuit of freedom, justice, and social equality in Mexico.

Where did the Grito de Dolores take place?

In the southern coastal city of Dolores (today Dolores Hidalgo, in Guanajuato). This city is considered the cradle of Mexican independence. From this fact the process of independence of Mexico begins.

Who was Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla?

Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Sacerdote is considered the initiator of Mexico’s war of independence. His speech sparked a war that he himself led for two years until he was shot by the Spanish in 1812.

After his death, his cause was embraced by other patriots (including the priest, Morelos).

What were the causes of the Mexican War of Independence?

One of the causes was the influence exerted by the French and American Revolutions . In addition, stratification and internal social gaps that generated inequalities between Spaniards and Mexican Creoles influenced.

They also counted the problems of the Spanish crown for its tax policy for its colonies.

What were the consequences of the Mexican War of Independence?

Its consequences were: internal political crisis and struggles for power, economic crisis, elimination of royal castes and abolition of slavery.

What happened during the first stage of the independence of Mexico?

From 1810 to 1811, the declaration of independence was followed by intense and disorderly confrontations due to the lack of clear objectives. 

What are the characteristics of the second stage of Mexican independence?

In the period from 1811 to 1815, the insurgent forces were organized and agreements emerged between the leaders of the liberating forces. Despite the victories of their armies, the forces of the Spanish crown end up imposing

What is the third stage of Mexican independence?

It is the stage between 1815 and 1821. This period was distinguished by the guerrilla warfare. The successive victories of the Mexican forces begin to weaken the Spanish army.

When is the independence of Mexico consummated?

It occurs in 1821 when the Plan of Iguala is signed. This plan breaks the union that Mexico had with the Spanish crown and guarantees the religion, independence and union of all Mexicans.

The Liberal Constitution of 1821 receives the massive support of the entire Mexican population. Spain had to recognize the independence of Mexico.

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